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by:Shizhan     2020-08-23
: time the accident happened on August 14, 2003 accident after: on the afternoon of August 14, 2003, xin rong and Chen Qiaosan team hull construction personnel, a total of more than 20 people, about 13 points and 13 points respectively 30 arrived at the construction site & other; Blade & throughout; The NO. 3 tank, winch operator station in the tank, other people are on the scaffold construction, the height of the scaffold has eight layer about 16 meters, the span of 2 with about 5 m ( 3 the riser) before and after , about 40 meters along the beam direction. Two units graded operating a hoist, xin rong of hoist in the tank after the left side, job content from NO. Three tank NO. Type 2 on the tank, the tank wall material, its top gourd located above the top scaffolding about 1. 5 meters. Hoist Chen Qiaosan team located right on the three tank, the job content is located in a steel plate on the ceiling, About 4 m & times; 1米) To commit suicide by hanging, its top gourd is about 7 meters from tank bottom plate. About 14 o 'clock 30 points, operator Song Mou Chen Qiaosan team ( Captain) Found that moving forward steel plate was pinned under a nearby rubbish bucket, let workers Xie Mou with steel tube lever plates, meanwhile, scaffolding first a shake, and then slowly fall down, and finally, in the steel pipe scaffold met near the elevated car, scaffolding to stop the fall. The cause of the accident analysis: 1, the direct reason for Chen Qiaosan team construction personnel in the use of hoist lifting of steel plate, steel wire rope to serious errors, use steel tube as a wire to use, lead to wire rope drag scaffolding, is the direct cause of the accident. NO 2, indirect reason. Chen Qiaosan team, xin rong, a team of 3 hold under the steel pipe scaffold on the back the use of the hoist, material, due to the effect of steel wire rope, the strength of the scaffold and stability have been affected, scaffolding already exist hidden dangers. Preventive measures: 1, the hoist may not use scaffolding steel pipe as the steel wire rope to use. Special circumstances hoist steel wire must be through the scaffolding operations, before the construction must be as the ship engineering director, security officer on the scaffold inspection of the scene and a big team, after the implementation of corrective actions, to ensure that the steel wire for homework don't make the steel pipe stress situation. 2, strengthen the construction personnel safety education and technical skills training, enlarging the department managers unsafe factor monitoring strength on the spot, put an end to command and illegal operations. 3, in order to ensure the overall strength of the scaffold, stiffness and stability, increasing the safety factor of the scaffold, to the relevant provisions of the erection of scaffolding and wi to improve and supplement. 【 A comment 】 Scaffold erection of a professional must set according to the erection of safety operation procedures, ensure the safety in the process of construction. Construction personnel should be used in the construction process of the scaffold inspection, it is forbidden to change the scaffold structure. Correct use and maintenance of the scaffold.
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