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Scaffold and the template removal, safety technical clarificaiton - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shizh

by:Shizhan     2020-09-03
On the basis of abide by the director, plant division of construction scaffolding construction procedures, actively comply with the following requirements: 1, in construction must wear a helmet, wear non-slip shoes, 2 meters above the work high above the right use of seat belts, seat belt usage must find good hang point security firm. 2, the operator shall not play in the shelf, no drunken mount guard; The designated persons command; Open frame personnel after the safety technical disclosure can mount guard; 3, in the construction of temporary electricity utilization must be & other; Three-phase five line & throughout; System construction, steel bar machines, the scene with lighting lamps and lanterns must have a ground ( After zero) Protection; 4, used in the construction site of steel pipes, fasteners and other materials shall not be arbitrarily throw throw, transfer should be carried out two or more persons, fasteners shall not throw, must use rope or pocket items are passed. 5, scaffolding demolition demolition arbitrarily according to the order down from on all demolition materials must have overlapping specialist, piled up to a safe place, prevent vehicles and pedestrians. 6, the operator shall not play in the shelf, no drunken mount guard; Has nothing to do with scaffolding demolition personnel shall not enter the scene; 7, workers use tools need to be careful to use to prevent falling injury passing vehicles and pedestrians. 8, 24:27 and wood used to pile up, can not throw, on-site command staff; Demolition of touch panel when people touch people 9, stripping to prevent template operators shall not parabolic down, with no waste clearing away in time, all the construction procedure must be finished work is expected to clear; 10, the above channel steel beams was used crane working environment should be based on site, set up good location and personnel on-site traffic command, in the case of safe and correct. 11, after all scaffold and the template will be cleaned on site.
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