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by:Shizhan     2020-09-02
At present the construction site with more for the console ( Bottom brace type) Single or double row of fastener type steel pipe scaffold ( As shown in the figure below) 。 The main technical key points are as follows: 1, single row scaffolding shall not apply to the following situation: ( 1) The wall thickness is less than or equal to 180 mm; ( 2) Building height more than 24 m; ( 3) Hollow bricks, aerated block wall lightweight wall; ( 4) Masonry mortar strength grade is less than or equal to the M1. Special construction plan (2 0 brick wall, 1) Before the erection of scaffolding, should establish special construction scheme. ( 2) In the 25 - scaffolding height When 50 m, deal with scaffolding overall stability from strengthening structure. Longitudinal bracing must be set up in a row, such as: increase the lateral bracing, even the wall increase the intensity of the response, narrow spacing. ( 3) Scaffolding, height of more than 50 m, can adopt double stud strengthen or load to the building with the method of subsection uninstall the scaffolding. ( 4) Scaffold construction scheme should be consistent with the actual erection of scaffolding types, when field due to change the scaffold type, have to modify the scaffold scheme and after examination and approval, before the construction. 3, vertical rod ( 1) When the erection height under 25 m, but plain soil compaction leveling, covered 5 cm thick board, length is 2 m when placed perpendicular to the wall; Placed parallel to the wall when the length is more than 3 m. ( 2) Build-up in 25 to 50 m, should according to the situation to endurance design basis to practice or using backfill soil layered solid requirements, available sleepers bedding, shop or on the ground to add 20 cm, good slag laying concrete slab and its spread 12 and back again 16 channels. ( 3) Erection of more than 50 m, should be calculated and base endurance design basis, or in 1 m deep in the lime soil foundation under the ground, or pouring 50 cm thick concrete foundation, used on the sleeper pads. ( 4) Fastener type steel pipe scaffold base has two kinds of malleable cast iron manufacturing and welding base, built for the wooden plate should be smooth, put a good base, then in the stud in the base, are not allowed to post directly on the wood, otherwise will change the plate stress state. ( 5) When the poling don't bury ground 20 cm, longitudinal and transverse rod sweeps the floor. 4, the frame body and structure (Rachel 1) When scaffold height below 7 m, can use set support method to maintain the stability of the scaffold, set-up height more than 7 m inconvenience when setting behind hold, should be connected with building. ( 2) Even the wall must be connected to the building structure parts, to ensure bearing can encourage. 5, bar spacing and bracing ( 1) Stud, such as big cross bar, small bar bar spacing should comply with the rules and requirements of construction plan. ( 2) Stud is a major force bar scaffold, uniform spacing should be set, can't increase the spacing. ( 3) Bracing is one of the important measures to prevent scaffolding longitudinal deformation, the main technical points:
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