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by:Shizhan     2020-09-02
(1), scaffold erection or dismantling personnel must be issued by ministry of labor of the special operations personnel safety technical training evaluation management regulations upon passing the examination, obtain the operation certificate of special operation personnel of professional scaffolder. Diction, operating personnel related certificates, operation must wear safety helmet, safety belt, wear non-slip shoes; (3), the fog and rain and snow weather and level is above 6 winds, may not be the heights of the scaffolding operations. Homework after rain, snow, anti-skid safety measures must be taken; (4), the building material increases with the increasing in it, so as to avoid putting not fall at that time; 5], homework before should pay attention to check whether the working environment, reliable and safe protection facilities are complete and effective, rear can work confirmed. [6], homework personnel should obey the unified command, and may not be coming into its own; Once, steel tube scaffold need consults the grounding device, grounding resistance should be no greater than 4 & Omega; ; Being, when working on the shelf, don't dismantle the basic structure of bar and even the wall; 'levies, when working on the shelf, don't dismantle safety protection facilities; ⑽, scaffolding demolition job before, should draw up detailed demolition of construction scheme and safety technical measures. And operational personnel to attend technical clarificaiton safety, under the unified command, according to the determined scheme on; ⑾, dismantled after must according to the first, getting outside before and after the first plane surface material pieces of architecture materials and auxiliary parts before they order, one by one to loose coupling, take out and then hanging; , the removal of scaffolding, bar and other long, heavy, two connection parts, a group must have two or more people, forbid single disassembly operations, prevent the holding bar instability, imbalance and accidents; [13], many people or more groups of disassembly operations, should strengthen the command, and ask each other and coordinate job step, it is strictly prohibited to not according to the procedures for the removal of; [14], it is strictly prohibited to remove the bar under the components and materials to the ground throwing. Has hung to building materials shall, from time to time, remove the area is carried out on the ground, keep the civilization; (the basis of ⒂, scaffolding stud Ground) Should level off compaction, has enough bearing capacity and stability. Has displayed, components check and acceptance, artifacts should be product quality certification; (2), steel pipe surface should be smooth, flat, there should be no crack, scarring, layered, dislocation, hard to bend, burr, indentation and deep way; (3), steel pipe outer diameter, wall thickness, transverse deviation, should be in accordance with the provisions of this specification. (4), fasteners shall be antirust processing, steel pipe must be coated with anti-rust paint; (5), old fastener quality inspection should be done before use, have cracks, deformation, is strictly prohibited in slippery silk bolts must be replaced; ⒄, scaffolding inspection and acceptance (1), scaffolding and its foundation for inspection and acceptance shall be in the following phases: 1 after the completion of the basic set-up before hand and foot frame; On layer 2 homework load before; After 3 to design height; 4 in case of six levels after wind and rain; 5 stop using more than one month. (2) be used, scaffolding, shall regularly check the following projects: A set of bar, and the connection, even the wall parts, such as the support structure is in line with the requirements; B, if ground water, the base is loose, whether stud dangling; C, fastener bolt is loose; D, safety protection measures is in accordance with the requirements, whether the overload.
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