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Scaffold erection, demolition job security technical clarificaiton - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu s

by:Shizhan     2020-09-03
Disclosure content: one, the material 1. Scaffolding steel pipes, fasteners and parts must be used by unified specifications, complete documents, stop using the defective goods and nonconforming steel pipe. Materials management personnel should according to the plan and disclosure check material specification and quality, and acceptance formalities and organize qualitative data; 2. Using steel Q235 in quality should comply with the GB/T700 - Grade A steel regulation, should use the current 'straight seam welded steel section' (GB/T13793> or low pressure flow parts lose for weld steel ( GB / T3090) 3 of the stipulated in the ordinary steel bar) Requirement, incision smooth, deformation, cracks and serious corrosion steel pipe is strictly prohibited. Second, the security item 1. Shelves must hold the operation certificate of special operation personnel professional scaffolder, safety education examination must be conducted before mount guard, qualified rear can mount guard. 2. On the scaffolding workers must wear non-slip shoes, wearing a seat belt usage right, dress spirit; 3. To enter the construction site must wear the helmet, qualified fasten jaw belt, lock buckle; 4. High ( More than 2 meters) Homework must be qualified safety belts, hang is firm, use high hang low; 5. Scaffolding must be strict, firm and smooth. Can not have the probe plate, with the frame body belay; 6. Shelf operation personnel shall make good division of labor, coordination, transfer bar should hold good focus, smooth transmission; 7. Workers should wear a tool bag, do not use tools on the shelf, so as not to fall from; 8. Building materials increases with the increasing in it, so as not to fall from improper placement; 9. During the erection of operations, the ground with the personnel to avoid possible falling objects area; 10. It is forbidden to play when working on the shelf, play, lie down, it is strictly prohibited to climb the scaffold; 11. No drunken mount guard, it is forbidden to high blood pressure, heart disease, epilepsy, not suitable for high homework personnel mount guard operation; 12. Take down the scaffolding, coordination and command, the ground should be alert, be prepared to guard, prohibit the operation personnel inside; 13. Shelf during the period of using, it is forbidden to dismantle any bar, related to the shelf must be pulled down, should be approved by the project department manager; 14. Each interval are set a layer of shelf level safety net ( Along with the layer) After every four floor or a; 15. Scaffolding foundation compaction must be cleaned and have enough bearing capacity and stability, stud must be placed under the pillow and plate, there are unblocked drainage facilities; 16. To catch, tear open shelves must be set up, condole facilities, it is forbidden to throw; 17. Scaffold surface facade set foot and two protective railing, 'hung set net; 18. After the shelf build-up, to acceptance by the relevant personnel, fill in the acceptance inspection single rear can put into use; 19. In grade 6, ) Above the windy day, snow, fog, thunderstorm and other special weather should stop frame work. After the rain and snow weather anti-skid measures must be taken when working; 20. Scaffolding must Rachel and building strong, need to install lightning protection device, grounding resistance shall not be greater than 4 & Omega; ; 21. Fasteners should be made of malleable cast iron fasteners, its material should be consistent with existing national standard steel tube scaffold fasteners ( GB/15831( Regulation, made of other materials fasteners, should have the test show that the quality is in conformity with the material requirements before use. The erection must meet JGJ1300 - and acceptance 2001. Targeted disclosure:
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