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by:Shizhan     2020-09-03
Scaffolding in construction is an important and indispensable tools, scaffolding requirements have enough area, can satisfy the operating workers, materials piled up and transportation needs, at the same time also requires strong stability, can guarantee the construction period under various load and climate conditions, no distortion, no tilt and no shaking. Scaffolding engineering belong to high homework more, its safety technical requirements are: 1, there must be a perfect safety protection measures, to be in accordance with the provisions, safety nets, safety fence, safety dampers and hanging scaffold safety device, etc. More than 10 meters scaffolding'd better keep a step below the operational layer scaffold board to ensure safety, otherwise should set a safety net under the operational layer or take other security measures. 2, the operation personnel to rack up and down, to ensure safety of people hanging cage, escalators, gym or ramps. 3, hanging, hanging scaffold use of beam, truss beam, hanger, and other rope, wire rope is to be a load test before use, all must meet certain safety coefficient, lifting equipment must be reliable braking device. 4, must have a good shock, lightning protection devices, steel scaffolding, etc. Shall be reliable grounding, above all round the structure of the scaffold should be set up lightning protection device. 5, must be in accordance with the provisions, a bracing and support, and higher than 7 meters and building shelves should be connected firmly, to ensure they don't shake. 6, scaffolding to spread a full shop, shall not be left blank head plate, ensure that there are three points, and the binding is firm. 7, in the process of scaffold erection and use, must be checked at any time, often clean up trash rack, pay attention to the control on the load, a ban on shelf stacking materials and many people crowded together too much. 8, suspension project to return to work and the wind, rain, snow back to the scaffold detailed inspection, found to have stud subsidence, dangling, loose connection, skew frame, truss, or hook deformation, etc. It should be handled in time. 9, in case of over 6 level winds or heavy fog, heavy rain, high operation shall be suspended, after the rain and snow on operating measures to have prevent slippery.
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