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by:Shizhan     2020-09-28
Here are the small make up to you about the scaffold inspection standard! 1, scaffolding, construction director shall, in accordance with requirements of the construction schemes, in combination with the construction site operation conditions and team, do detailed disclosure, and specialist command. After 2, scaffolding, by construction, organization, head of relevant personnel to participate in, according to the construction plan and specification segments, item by item check acceptance, determined to meet the requirements, the can be put into use. 3, testing standard: ( Should be carried out in accordance with the corresponding requirement specification) ( 1) Longitudinal distance deviation for steel stud & plusmn; 50mm( 2) Steel stud verticality deviation is not more than 1/100 h, and not more than 10 cm ( H for total height) 。 ( 3) Buckle fastening torque is: 40 - 50 n。 M, no greater than 65 n. m。 Spot check installation quantity 5%, fastener unqualified number of a random number of not more than 10%. ( 4) Fastener tighten program directly affects the bearing capacity of the scaffold. Experiments show that when the fastener bolt torque is 30 n. M, more than 40 n. M at the time of the bearing capacity of scaffolding fell 20%. 4, the scaffold inspection acceptance as stipulated in the specification, that do not conform to the provisions of the rectification immediately, the result of the inspection and rectification, should make records according to the measured data, and signed by the inspectors keywords: scaffolding
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