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by:Shizhan     2020-09-02
Rizhao aluminum alloy aerial work platform contact phone number: 18420150310 fastener scaffold profile is introduced. Using novel, beautiful, strong buckle plate as fittings, Q235 steel pipe family member, poling is every 0 at the beginning of a certain length of pipe. 60 m welding on a buckle plate, top with connecting rod bar. 1, multi-function. According to the specific construction requirements, can form a module to 0. 6 m a variety of group size and charge of planting of single row, double row scaffolding, racks, sticks, material hoisting frame construction equipment, such as curve layout and can do. 2, high efficiency. Spell it 4 - faster than the fastener scaffold - Eight times. 3, the bearing capacity is big. Buckle plates have reliable axial shear resistance, and a variety of center line of the bar to a bit, connecting bar number 1 times as many than bowl type connector, the overall stable strength than bowl scaffold increased by 20%. 4, safe and reliable. Adopt independent child with self-locking mechanism. Because of interlock and gravity, even if the bolt is not coming out, bar is also unable to plug. 5, good comprehensive benefits. Separate component series of standardized, easy to transport and tube easy lost artifacts, low loss. 6, hot dip galvanized processing, high anti-corrosion ability. 1, building template engineering ( Including road &bridge construction) Support; 2, the outer walls of the high and low buildings construction scaffolding and scaffolding of the ship building industry; 3, decoration engineering and construction and installation engineering, such as high work platform; 4, such as temporary exhibitions, concerts, sports stage, the construction of the balcony, advertising, etc; 5, the construction unit flow barrack; 6, large, medium and small warehouse shelves, Three-dimensional shelf) 。 Rizhao aluminum alloy aerial work platform
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