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by:Shizhan     2020-09-02
1 a, quality assurance measures. Erection of landing foot hand component must pass a quality examination, inspection method shall be in conformity with the relevant provisions of the current national standard. 2. Erection of landing foot hand ф 48 x3. 5 steel pipe surface should be flat and smooth, there should be no cracks, scarring, layered, dislocation, hard to bend, burr, indentation, and deep way. 3. Steel pipe diameter, wall thickness, transverse deviation, should comply with the provisions of the relevant specification. 4. Steel pipe must be coated with anticorrosive paint. 5. Steel pipe bending deformation should comply with the relevant provisions. 6. Fasteners should be done before using quality inspection, there are cracks, deformation, is strictly prohibited appear smooth silk bolt must be replaced. At the same time, should undertake antirust processing. 7. After erection of 10 - Should be checked for acceptance and after 13 m height. 1 second, safety guarantee measures. All fasteners fastening torque to 4 ~ 5 kg & middot; M, spot checking. 2. Diagonal extension are not allowed to use docking fastener, must use the two rotating fastener overlapped connection, overlap distance of not less than 1000 mm. 3. Removed at night, it must be equipped with good lighting. 4. High homework personnel, should be strictly in accordance with high operation regulations, abide by the safety discipline and build-up, remove the process requirement. 5. Dismantle the care workers must perform their duties, to do a good job of supervision. 6. The build-up, dismantled must wear a seat belt. 7. Landing foot hand build had to do a good job of technical disclosure, safety disclosure. 8. Aerial work must comply with the relevant provisions of the aerial work; Security department to do a good job of supervision and inspection. 9. Scaffold design and construction load of 2 kn/m2. Face the construction load should be evenly distributed, avoid to produce concentrated loading and eccentric loading. 10. Feet to operators to fall to the ground before use foot hand construction disclosure to mount guard. 11. Build-up, demolition of suspension blinding and blinding outside hand in the process, you must set up security area. 12. Six levels of above wind banned the erection, dismantle, and at night the condition such as storm, heavy snow are no build-up, demolition operations. 13. Prohibit optional open scaffolding components, Rachel and safety protection facilities, if need to adjust, consent of the scaffold design personnel, ordered by the master, can be conducted by the scaffold construction personnel. 14. All scaffolding demolition rods, fasteners should be separated, do not allow the bar attached fastener conveying the ground, or two at the same time remove the ground.
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