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Scaffold ( Scaffolder) Engineering safety technical measures and security clarificaiton - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focused on the work high above the flat

by:Shizhan     2020-09-03
1) Personnel engaged in shelf type of work, must be regularly ( A year) Physical checkups, scaffolder belongs to the special operations personnel prescribed by the state, must by the relevant department training, examination, show certificates. 2) All high blood pressure, heart disease, epilepsy, insufficient dizzy gao or vision and so on are not suitable for high homework personnel, shall be engaged in the shelf. Equipped with scaffolder apprentice, must pass a medical examination, medical department before training is required when operating the mechanic to lead, guide, from low to high, gradually to increase, shall not be any stores operating separately. 3) Scaffolding pitched before, must develop a construction scheme and safety technical disclosure. For tall, special-shaped shelves and should report to the superior departments for approval, the written disclosure to all the participants in homework personnel. 4) After operation group accept the task, it is necessary to discuss carefully according to the needs of task characteristics and disclosure, pitched method, clear division of labor. Before starting operation, supervisors and safety officer to deal with the construction environment and protective equipment required for a check, eliminate hidden dangers rear can start operation. 5) Scaffolder on high ( More than 2 m from the ground height) Homework, must wear a seat belt. The pole should be 2 m long rod bolt rope. Seat belts must be with its already tied, hanging bar in mind, shall not be hung on the lead wire clasp or other unstable place, may not be 'through the file' ( In a well stem walk don't hold any protection) And shelf will not jump. Prohibited in the operation should be focused on the shelves, play and joke, rest should be under the shelf. It is forbidden to drink. 6) In case of bad weather, Such as wind magnitude, high temperature and rainy weather, etc. ) Affect the safe construction should stop high homework. 7) The ledger should be tied to the state, the first step to the ledger, must check whether stud stand at attention, tied to the four steps must be tied to a small bar and temporary cross cover. Tie the ledger, it must be 2 - Three people cooperate operation, rod, flat by the middle one, the tie in sequence. 8) Recursive rod, tie rod, the up and down or so operators should closely cooperate, coordinated. Rod should pay attention to not collision above personnel and has good pole should be attached to the below hand lever should be in above personnel catch pole rear can let go, and hiding from the vertical distance of 3 m. Using human material, big rope must be strong, it is strictly prohibited under vertical widening rope hanging material within 3 m. Using mechanical lifting, should set round heaven and earth, heaven and earth wheel must be reinforced, safety operation procedures shall comply with the mechanical assembly, lifting board, the content such as steel pipe shall be binding and firm, picking platform outside are not allowed to stand, and staff should hoisting machinery such as parking before lashing material and solution. 9) All scaffolding, has not set up a scaffolder is allowed. Shelf after set by its construction under the State Council in conjunction with the rack and the use of type of work team leader, technology, safety and other relevant personnel to acceptance, think qualified, the handover acceptance formalities rear can use. Use the shelf must be kept intact, prohibit random tear open change, scaffolding or misappropriate scaffold board; When he have to tear open change should be approved by the construction director, the scaffolder is responsible for the operation. 10) All shelves, after wind and rain, to inspect, if discover tilt sinking and string, collapse button to repair in time. 11) Outside the frame before dismantling, team leader to tear open frame construction personnel safety clarificaiton work in writing. Clarificaiton will have to accept people sign it.
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