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Scaffolder responsibilities - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shizhan safety technology

by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
1, the build-up of shelf material specification, the quality must conform to the stipulations of the fastener type steel pipe scaffold technology. Disabled has serious corrosion, bending, flattening and crack damage of steel pipe or no certificate fastener factory, remove the reuse after fasteners must undergo maintenance repair, reuse of bamboo, bamboo foot hand piece must be selected, it is forbidden to use bug eat by moth, cracking and other inferior bamboo, effective use of not less than 7 cm in diameter. 2, erection of scaffolding as stipulated in the scaffold construction technology process, the rules must be strictly implemented on the scaffold in the foundation, the opposite pole setting and longitudinal distance, horizontal distance, opposite rod, bar, bamboo rod joint, to the scaffold and the main structure of the tide, scissors, Settings, and additional requirements and scaffold fastener bolt laid such as regulation, to the scaffold anchor solid, prop up straight, horizontal flat vertical, links and firm, layer upon layer cell, armguard, smooth smooth, easy to use. 3, according to the scaffold construction procedure and construction technology of head, dismantling scaffolding, do demolished according to the prescribed procedures, strengthen the management of security area, increase product protection work. The demolition of the rod parts, under the frame work, sorting pier, to ensure safety, put an end to waste. 4, strict consciously perform security technology operating rules, comply with the safety in production six discipline and ten, are firmly implement electricity, lightning protection and the construction site area regional climate special circumstances regulations on safety operation, prevent the happening of the accident. 5, in a timely manner to understand the progress, complete assigned by the head of the construction technology of all kinds of shelves, the scaffolding set-up repair tasks, such as meet the construction requirements.
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