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by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
A, wooden poles should be peeled fir and other forms of tough hardwood. Poplar, willow, basswood, pinus tabulaeformis and decadent, crack analysis, easy to fold the wooden orange section, shall be prohibited from use. Second, the wooden feet hand stud, effective part of the small diameter should not be less than 7 cm; 6 the wooden part of the small diameter effectively? Cm between the double pole merge or single encryption is used. Three, the thickness of the wooden planks used not less than 5 cm of fir or pine wood, width by 20? It is advisable to 0 cm. All decay, twisted, twill, rupture and the big cross section through may not be used. The ends of the plate 8 cm in application of galvanized iron wire hoop around 2? Ring or use. Four, wooden scaffolding stud should be buried 30? 0 cm, buried rod to dig holes before, will consolidate and at the bottom of the mat with brick, in case of digging or unable to dig a hole, should be tied to sweep the floor. Wood stud spacing scaffolding shall not be greater than 1. 5米; Big bar spacing shall not be greater than 1. 2米; Small mould pole spacing shall not be greater than 1 m. Five, small single row scaffolding rod inserted into the mould wall shall not be less than 24 cm, big bar shall not be less than 10 cm, when through the gate and channel, small mould pole spacing greater than 1 m should be tied to the boom; Spacing greater than 2 m, set up under the boom to be top bracing. Six, scaffolding load, no more than 270 kilograms per square metre. If the load must be increase, should be in accordance with the construction schemes are set up. The ends of the seven, scaffolding, the corner, and every 6? Root stud should set a bracing and strut, shelf height above the 7 m or unable to set the strut, every 4 m high, the level of every 7 m, the scaffold must be connected with the building firm. Eight, small shelf laid width May 1. 2m。 Scaffolding must spread, 20 cm away from the wall may not be, must not have space and probe plate, scaffolding lap shall not small 20 cm, should be a double row of putlog adversary, scaffolding should cross at the rack lap, cushion flat scaffold board application block, and to nail up, not brick pad. Nine, double scaffold board shall be composed of two people from outside to inside in order to, in the shop, the first block or turn to the outside a scaffolding, have to put on your seat belt. Ten, the laid of feeding chute width should not be less than 1. 5 m, slope shall not be greater than a bigger than three, prevent slippery spacing can not 30 cm. 11,? 吗? Build by laying bricks or stones wall height more than 4 m, it must be positioned outside the wall can load bearing 160 kilograms of safety or protective barrier. Multi-storey building should be on the second floor and every four floor or a fixed safety net. And the elevation of the construction to set up a safety net. Twelve,? 吗? Erection of safety nets should be every 3 m set a strut, the strut and horizon must keep 45 degrees, with arbitrary floor network shall be buried steel ring in advance or on the outside of the wall to a bar. Network should be observed outside low, between network and network must meet strict, the network of clutter to clear out at any time. 13,? 吗? Scaffolding, derrick, door frame installation, must through the construction acceptance, head of the rear prospective use. 14,? 吗? Dismantling scaffolding, should be set up around the fence or warning sign, and set modes, no admittance, dismantling should be top-down in sequence, a clear step, not up and down at the same time. 15,? 吗? Remove the feet hand lever, scaffolding, steel buckle, rope, such as material, should be passed down or use the rope sling, forbidden to throw. 16,? 吗? Hanging bar wire rope around pick beam ( With material strong) Shall not be less than three times, the card head clamp not less than three, each not less than two insurance rope hanging bar, after each ascending on insurance rope hanging bar card. Wire rope friction with buildings or other components, approached application mat or pulley is separated, with the lever hoist drop hanging bar, manipulation, and are forbidden to pull (forward and back to the bar, landing must first take the progress bar on the basket, and then throw to return to the pole landed.
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