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by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
Safety education record the project name embraced district ( The west end) Project by education unit faculty name intends to sign the name of scaffolder date and time (date) (month) (year) to verify name sign of education type: talk about mind activities on Monday and class/ferry safety education mind total package level level 3 safety education and transformation work mind health and epidemic prevention and environmental protection - level 3 safety education level of the subcontract mind special type of work - a special case and fire control to defend and traffic s level 3 safety education team level education content 1, each worker should consciously abide by the laws and regulations and the company, the project department of the various rules and regulations. 2, the bamboo scaffolding, from a security perspective should be phased out, if use the bamboo scaffolding should be special calculation. 3, more than 20 m bamboo scaffold erection height, material must be in strict accordance with the national 'construction and installation workers safety technology operating rules' requirement. 4, height of erection of 20 m below the bamboo scaffolding, select material must be strictly in accordance with the provisions of the local standard of fujian province. The roots of 5, erection of laying outside the hands and feet, more than 300 mm must be buried in the grave. Because of the ground hard layer can't dive, tie in from ground height 400 mm rod protection level sweeping the floor. 6, the scaffold should be considered at the bottom of drainage measures, prevent water step after scaffolding layer of uneven settlement. 7, all masonry or decorate a scaffold must adopt top bracing protection. 8, building scaffolding, its main bar connection, wide field that should be adopted, Or 18 wire) Tie, once every three months to check maintenance. Xiaoqing mie ( This field) Can only be used for the connection of the main bar. 9, in order to ensure that the scaffold of the overall solid, total number of the same elevation of putlog should press stud equivalent interleaving Settings, the same vice, poling of putlog should to straight up and down, should not be distorted. 10, stud, the ledger, the extension of inclined rod, should regard tip effective diameter by more than 1800 mm. Every 300 - 400 letters tied together. Should not be in the jaw three pole tie at the same time. 11, the bamboo scaffolding Rachel, should be strictly in accordance with 10 - 12 wire twin parallel requirement, and the wall connection, and set the head against the wall, form a, a, keep the scaffolding vertical solid. 12, operators are strictly prohibited in drunk into the construction site work. 13, each worker to enter the construction site must wear safety helmet. 14, team if need because of the lack of labor to hire new workers, should be reported to the site in advance. After 15, new workers play should be through the level 3 safety education, and the examination rear can let its formal mount guard. 16, workers play should have four certificate, i. e. , the professional professional, id CARDS, temporary residence permits family planning certificate and the migrant population. 17, that do not conform to the high operation personnel, high operation is prohibited. And after drinking high homework. 18, strictly correct use of labor protection supplies. To comply with the requirements of the high homework, tool must be into the bag, throwing objects are strictly forbidden to high. 19th, strong wind, snow and rain area environment, no single demolition job. 20, demolition area may be required to set the alert range, set up a clear warning tag, not operation or ground construction personnel, shall not pass or construction, safety personnel should cooperate with on-site monitoring. 21, demolition of high-level scaffolding, should be equipped with communication devices. 22, demolition of objects, should be vertical transportation machinery safety to the ground, lift not allowed in the scaffold. 23, demolition, construction should be timely close the window, it is strictly prohibited to stretch to pick any objects out of the window. 24, high-level scaffolding demolished, should decrease step by step around the building. Do not allow the two step removed at the same time, or tandem step type, unfavorable also discrete surface dismantled. In case of special circumstances, should be enterprise technical departments in advance, after reinforcement measures, before discrete surface removal. After 25, homework personnel into the post, should first check, in case of weak links, should be removed after reinforcement. Left on the surface of object, the garbage should be clean. 26 and demolition in the following order: safety & rarr; Retaining its & rarr; Mat spread its & rarr; Protective railings & rarr; Block the foot pole & rarr; Joist & rarr; Diagonal member & rarr; Even the wall bar & rarr; Bar & rarr; Top bracing & rarr; Stud. 27, stud, the extension of inclined rod rod removed, should be coordinated, of two or more persons should not be separate operation, otherwise easy to cause accident. 28, even the wall pole, diagonal member, climbing facilities demolished, should with scaffolding overall demolition of synchronous construction, do not allow the first removed. 29, when in the demolition of tie, the operator should keep safety consciousness, standing position, force must be properly, prevent the rod in the erection of correction, the bending springback potential. 30, double lift pad should be paid attention to spread its standing position, and shall erect, since the outgoing in turn prevent valgus is not cleared within its residue from falling cuts. 31, leave on the same day, the dismantled parts should be reinforced in time, prevent danger cause to settle the man-made accident finally. 32, dangling demolition, measures should be set to reinforce or ground support in advance, before being removed.
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