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by:Shizhan     2020-09-03
The building has been everywhere. As everybody knows, when the buildings or other structures, maintenance, scaffolding is indispensable. That is the subway scaffolding! Subway construction scaffolding, can provide convenience for the construction personnel, the building materials can be placed on the subway the scaffold, and then in the scaffold materials used in convenient. It can move at will, solid, stability and other advantages, to ensure the construction safety. And it is a kind of environmentally friendly products, used in the construction site, also can undertake, as the work of the actual working condition of the different need to build a variety of specifications, with the passage of time, can make the work finished in a relatively short time, but also increase the economic benefit. The subway scaffold is indispensable in large construction projects. It is free shrinkage, straight up and down, don't be afraid the stairs can avoid danger. The emergence of metro scaffold construction personnel on the construction progress is not backward, it firmly, install and disassemble because it is reusable, compared with subway scaffold on the construction site, appears civilization, environmental protection. Next, look at the characteristics of the scaffold! 1. Easy installation, flexible design clever, easy fasteners to connect 2. More economic, simple processing, low cost viaduct is one of the types of scaffolding, scaffold is mainly used in field of viaduct. However, in the process of long-term use, also need to maintain, to avoid the high accident rate. In general, need to take the following measures: first, every bar should be straightening of bending, deformation, damage of parts should be repaired, can put in storage register, or should be changed. Second, the use of mobile scaffold ( Including the components) Libraries should be back in time spending, classification register. When deposited in the open air, field should be level off, good drainage, bedding, and tarpaulin cover, accessories, parts should be an indoor sending. Three, the viaduct scaffolding components resting derusting, rust freedom, all humidity larger areas, each painted anticorrosive paint once a year, should besmear two years commonly, fasteners to oil. Bolts should be galvanized anti-rust. Unconditional galvanized, use kerosene wash after each coating and coating antirust oil. Four, the fourth, after the removal tool viaduct scaffolding, I need to stop timely maintenance and maintenance, and support for storage. Five, the applications of the viaduct scaffolding fasteners, nuts, plate, bolt and other small accessories are easily loss, should be in excess in pitched a real-time acceptance check, on the removal of acceptance in time, can not throw about the place. Above all, do it maintenance work, is not only to avoid the happening of the accident, which is responsible for construction, the viaduct and so on the scaffold is very necessary to do maintenance work. Bridge construction is generally need to use scaffolding, steel tube scaffold for fastener type and bowls before scaffolding used more, generally speaking, the bearing capacity of bowl scaffolding remains strong, but also relatively security, the socket type set button scaffolding, bowls button scaffolding can be said to be the bridge racks of optimization, in recent years, however, button scaffolding used as bridge brace is also more and more. In short, all site safety protection facilities, the scaffold is one of the most important! Especially in bridge engineering, more need to choose the appropriate bridge, high quality.
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