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by:Shizhan     2020-09-03
Scaffold erection dismantling, height of climbing, are all belong to the aerial work platform, dismantling scaffolding scaffolding workers belong to the state regulations of special type of work, must pass through the relevant departments of the safety and technical training, and through the examination. Other construction workers were allowed to attend this kind of work, only in the case of without qualified training work in the few auxiliary. When employees work on scaffolds can't work alone. Don't jump on the shelf and under, in order to avoid shock loading. ( 1) Set before the shift leader, lead the operator to the construction environment and the tools needed. Safety protection facilities, the operation can be carried out before the security check, eliminate hidden dangers, 2) Scaffold should always be a step higher than work surface, shall be set according to the progress of the scaffold, but when the scaffolding operation personnel leave work at a time ( Rest or work) Leave work, should not be in ( Rest or work) When the leaves are not fixed components. ( 3) After scaffolding scaffolding, scaffold must be stable, and through the shelf installation workers. Long-term suspended scaffolding must be checked before commanders jointly with the safety officer to accept, then can panel in the segmented acceptance period, then can be restored using the scaffold has been suspended for a long time. In the scaffold after work, not fixed components must not be on scaffolding. ( 4) Masonry buildings in the process of using uniform load on the shelf are usually not more than 300 kilograms per square meter, decoration construction scaffolding shall not be more than 200 kg ( 5) If the scaffold is higher than the surrounding buildings, such as the scaffold is higher than the adjacent buildings or structures of the surrounding buildings or structures, such as scaffolding shall not exceed the decoration construction framework scaffolding, every square metre should avoid danger from lightning. ( 6) Scaffolding is higher than surrounding buildings and higher than the surrounding buildings, should be lightning protection. Lightning protection device should be installed in the lightning protection. ( 7) This phase of the most common type floor multipolar fastener steel pipe rack is supported by scaffolding on the frame, small rail - The ledger - - Poling eventually passed on to the frame. If it is, therefore, backfill, the foundation of stents must be strong, and drainage, should be to prevent the foundation settlement. ( 8) Scaffolding set-up, demolition and use in construction are as follows: in the process of scaffold design small ( Within 15 m) Place, room, when the design and installation height is bigger, scaffolding regularly throw on the outside of the shelf, with tensile, compressive, continuous wall, protect the outer frame and building is not affected by drawing frame construction operation. When design and setting height is bigger, use the tensile and compressive connection point ( Connect the wall part) Placed outside the frame and building in building construction work on the construction of joint on pull and pay attention to protect, 9) Construction layer in the foot. If you want to laying plank, road surface and wall body between the gap should not be more than 15 cm, and there is no probe plate; In the framework of the lateral, 1 set. 2 m high guardrails, under the condition of the personnel and material, should be set height not less than 18 cm foot, tools to fall; Work layer below AnQuanPing network installation, forming double safety protection shed, in case the materials or tools outside, outside the scaffold in high-rise buildings or safety set net should be completely shut down, prevent falling material, protect the following people ( 10) The homework personnel shall not too concentrated, stacking materials also cannot too concentrated, not too high, so as not to overload. Upper and lower shelf should enter the dedicated channel, don't jump from the top to the bottom, in order to avoid the influence of the collision, 11) In the structure of the external decoration used before the suspension scaffold, check the hanger rigging is reliable, safety lock is flexible, flexible derrick and pick up is complete and strong, whether to allow placed on the upper and lower hanger foot to prevent the operator from the window down, up and down in order to prevent the operator from the window in order to prevent the hanger movement, operators should tie safety belt in the security line.
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