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Scaffolding aluminum alloy - advantages and applicable places Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shizha

by:Shizhan     2020-09-02
The characteristics of the scaffolding aluminum alloy 1) 2) no welding manufacturing of the Light weight 3) Heavy bearing force of 4) Set up the intensity of labor is extremely low. 5) Small parts loss 6) Collection of small size, low storage cost 7) Diversity of design, to adapt to the complex construction environment 8) High random configuration, an infinite extension 9) Optional straight ladder, inclined ladder and ladder 10) Firm structure, safe and reliable 11) Easy to carry and storage 12) Effect of light and quick installation, the advantages of high scaffolding aluminum alloy - Easy handling and, besides can use a single set of independent, can be composed of large structures used for elevator, stairs, - such as building construction site Aluminum alloy materials both intellectual man fit is more strong and durable. - Vertical ladder configuration, increasing the working space, reduce the build time. - Platform can need to set up in the location of the aluminum frame different heights. - Have many accessories to meet different engineering need scaffolding aluminum alloy using single tube without welding design, torx connector, poling node rigid protection, light but can be easily applied to heavy items, universal type of garment design, all parts design and superior performance, more robust structure and the highest safety standards, flexible application of a large number of wicked saving storage space and shipping costs, node load ability of the industry, the strongest torx connector anti rolling on the ground, less labor intensity, build quickly provide higher productivity, better cost-effectiveness. Only domestic parts and parts of a large number of applications in engineering, but in recent years, our domestic market bowl scaffold is mostly production of non-standard products, hebei area construction accident after another and even three, deep is worrying. Now I have a new development of the domestic market of scaffolding aluminum alloy is very advanced, which can easily cope with the work high above the demand of various kinds of places. Among the many key projects can see DR. SCAFFOLD aluminum alloy scaffolding, Evergrande, wanda, such as railway, subway, this also from the side confirmed that the ladder is very reliable, Dr Certification degree is very high in a company. 博士。 SCAFFOLD can stand out in a wide range of aluminum alloy scaffolding enterprises, approved by the government, becomes the multitudinous project leader is no accident. As the government of the Hong Kong and Macao to specify products, safety, construction bureau in shenzhen standard products recommended, can be seen in many key projects of DR. SCAFFOLD aluminum alloy scaffolding, such as China railway, subway, wanda industry, Evergrande real estate this also from the side confirmed Dr Ladder is very reliable, highly certification of a company. Tengda security technology company aluminum alloy scaffolding 95% of products for export, wall thickness foot 2. 0 mm, all products through the ISO9001:2015 international quality system certification, the United States ANSI, surveyor SGS certification, accord with Europe and the United States EN, Australia AS quality certification testing. High quality products but also guarantee the safety of construction. Thus, Dr Ladder products are involved in many projects are big projects standard! Not only that, the company's products scaffolding aluminum alloy, the micro mobile platform high-quality products sell well in Europe and America, southeast Asia market, the company products have passed ISO9001:2015 international quality system certification, and the European Union CE EN131 quality and safety certification, beautiful appearance generous, easy to operate, safe and practical. High quality products, sold both at home and abroad, the safety factor of 2. 5 times, the entire robot welding, safe and reliable, durable, has inclined ladder and ladder for customers to choose.
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