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Scaffolding becomes an 'accomplice' of theft

by:Shizhan     2020-09-19
At the end of the year, it fell to a period of high incidence of thefts, and the scaffolding erected on the outer walls of many buildings provided convenience for criminals. We can learn from the news that there have been cases of theft in many places since the beginning of winter this year. The criminals climbed to the owner’s home through scaffolding. It can be seen that the shelves set up on the periphery of the building did bring great safety to the surrounding residents. Hidden dangers.

When such incidents occur, people often suffer from the issue of responsibility. Which party should be held accountable, or should they consider themselves unlucky? Some lawyers pointed out that there is a corresponding causal relationship between the theft and the construction of the construction party, so the construction party should pay certain compensation. In addition, the residents themselves did not take protective measures for the valuables in their homes due to lack of safety awareness, and they should bear the main responsibility.

We believe that in the face of this problem, the property and construction parties should increase their supervision, and there should be special personnel responsible for inspections, and the used shelves should be removed in time. In addition, it is necessary to post revelations to attract the attention of residents, and usually pay attention to close the doors and windows of the home, so as not to give criminals a chance.

The editor here reminds everyone to strengthen the awareness of safety precautions. For those setting up shelves nearby, in addition to paying attention to the safety of indoor property. Try to stay away from your feet when going out
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