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by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
Aluminum alloy scaffolding website contact phone number: 18420150310 a. Scaffolding CE certification: scaffold ( 支架) Refers to the construction site for workers operation and solve the vertical and horizontal transportation and erection of all kinds of support. Architecture of the generic term, refers to the construction site in exterior, interior, or higher storey height can't construction directly. Mainly for construction personnel working up and down or peripheral safety maintenance and high altitude installation components etc, to put it bluntly, is which the scaffold materials usually are: bamboo, wood, steel or synthetic materials. Some works also use scaffolding when the template is used, in addition in the advertising industry, municipal, transportation luqiao, mining and other departments is also widely used. Market in the eu 'CE' mark is a compulsory certification mark, whether the products of the enterprises within the eu, or products of other countries, to free circulation in the eu market, must be labeled with 'CE', to show that the product is in conformity with the European Union 'the new methods of technical coordination and standardization' basic requirements of the directive. This is a mandatory requirement put forward by the European law on product. Based in eu member states must by certification bodies can be issued the certificates. two Scaffolding CE testing: EN13659Wind hold ( Wind load) 抵抗snowload ( Snow load) Operatingeffort ( Operating power) 运行机制的设计aHPV图( ” 人类把价值” ) ( Operation design review) lockingmechanism电阻( Locking device testing) 机械耐力( repeatedoperating周期) ( Mechanical life) 在寒冷的条件( Low temperature operation) 影响电阻( Impact test) 安全使用( Security) 3. Scaffolding CE certification process: 1. Filed to confirm test projects; 2. Sample test, the test report; 3. The certificate label. 4. Obtain CE certification four products enter the market transactions. We can offer services: authentication services: the United States DOT certification, the European Union, E/E - Mark certification, CE certification, the Canadian CSA certification, the GCC certification such as customs clearance documents: Russian GOST certification, Saudi Arabia, SASO, SONCAP of Nigeria, Algeria, & amp; Tanzania COC testing services such as customs clearance documents such as: European standard EN, British standard BS, DIN, American standard ASTM& ANSI, Australian standard AS, GB, such AS system certification: ISO9001 certification, hl-tech corporation certification, TS16949 certification, etc. If you want to get in China OTC international authentication center of one-stop professional certification service, please contact me! ! ! ! ! ! ! Aluminum alloy scaffolding website
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