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by:Shizhan     2020-09-03
Shanghai aluminum alloy scaffolding sales contact phone number: 18420150310 scaffold project risk is big, frequent accidents, the following list of common 20 kinds of man-made factors, the hope project managers can take history as a mirror, builders can improve safety awareness. Scaffolding collapse, 20 kinds of artificial reason 1. Vertical bracing: vertical bracing is not set, or set up in a row, large space between or 2. Horizontal bracing: horizontal bracing is not set, or set up in a row, or not set at the top level bracing 3. The conveying don't tube: don't tube reinforced concrete on the shelf, or for vertical concrete don't tube, reinforce the 4 tight at the bottom. Sweeping bar: not enough sweeping bar, sweeping bar is missing, sweep the floor bar too high from the ground 5. Scaffolding nodes: fastener bolt tightening force is not enough, the button bowl no good locking, common 6. Node: template bracket and structure without reliable Rachel 7. 8 scaffold foundation weak, there is no drainage facilities. Steel pipe scaffold poling connected by lap 9 when the extension. Concrete girder under the template and set up a rod support, but without the cross bar and the frame body connection, or inadequate. 10. Stud spacing interval is too large, or long 11 free end. Poling vertical degree is not enough, the erection deviation is too large. 12. Unreasonable order of pouring and vibrating manner. 13. Vertical bar at the bottom of the uneven, cause poling no landing, the load of adjacent stud increases. 14. Upper and lower oil Joe long 15 out of the scaffold. Oil keel eccentric compression on 16. Scaffolding wall thickness is unqualified, serious still use 17. Too much randomness technical disclosure does not reach the designated position, the erection. 18. From experience to build design, no effective computing 19. As time limit for a project, modify the construction scheme. 20. Management confusion, poor construction personnel safety consciousness most accidents are caused by human reason, accident for paralysis, believe, if can solve the problem of the 20, basically is to prevent more than 90% of the scaffold safety accidents. Hope project managers a more careful and sense of responsibility, project, build a more safety consciousness, let the tragedy not repeat itself as far as possible. Shanghai aluminum alloy scaffolding sales
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