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by:Shizhan     2020-09-03
Chopped chopped mei road, songjiang district, north road intersection near a construction site, a construction worker accidentally fall, cause the waist injury. With the help of the firefighters and medical workers, the injured were safely transferred to the ground after hospital treatment. After the incident, songjiang fire squadron quickly arrived at the scene. The understanding that the construction workers in construction when he fell from 10 meters high from the ground 6 meters high on scaffolding. At that time, the workers are conscious, but as a result of the waist injury is heavier, unable to move, must be hospitalized right now. Is located in sichuan bazhong bazhou district of return air street agency 'of guangzhou ferry bridge groom, bank projects under construction site in the die set tilt, accident killed 2 people, 3 people were injured. At 4 PM, on October 11, a road and bridge maintenance in leshan fandian of sichuan province construction scaffolding collapsed during the process of demolition, three workers were trapped. Fortunately, 3 per capita was saved by firefighters. HanJiang area ocean township to village houses under construction with the bamboo scaffolding down killing field personnel falling accident. Six people were killed four people and injured, the scene without people trapped, six of the injured have been sent to HanJiang hospitals. In both house and in the process of bridge construction, scaffolding collapse accident often happened. In general, the main reason for the scaffolding collapse accident consists of the following three aspects: 01, material quality is not up to standard. On the current construction market, inferior, extended use scaffolding products of more than 80, unqualified fasteners reach more than 90, the building materials used in the actual construction will bring serious security hidden danger, resulting in frequent scaffolding collapse. 02, set-up is not in conformity with the specification requirements. In scaffolding and dismantled, part of workers to the skill of self-reliance, wearing helmets and seat belts, not according to stipulations or not carried out in accordance with the construction specification for convenience operation; Also possible for not according to the construction organization design and construction schemes for homework, or did not force calculation according to the requirement of the scaffold, and lead to poor quality of construction, scaffolding collapse. 03, construction safety supervision does not reach the designated position. On the one hand is due to the construction supervision personnel has not regularly check the construction progress and quality according to the requirement or check does not reach the designated position, and in a timely manner, safety technical clarificaiton buried security hidden danger; On the other hand is due to carry on the strict construction management failed to regulatory or not in time for the construction personnel safety education, leading to the construction site safety management loopholes, eventually led to the scaffold collapse. Shenzhen city tengda security technology research co. , LTD is a professional design, development, production, sales Aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturing enterprises. The company has professional and technical personnel, sophisticated production equipment, strong production capacity, for customers to build a first-class aerial work, work safety equipment. Professional production: fast loading the work high above the work frame, mobile scaffolding, button type aluminum alloy scaffolding, scaffolding disc structure, maintenance cleaning aluminum frame lease sales.
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