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Scaffolding convenient repeatedly into the thief who is in charge of the ladder of loss, how to prevent - Shantou where there is hot galvanizing plate buckles - Industry dynamic - Aluminum alloy scaffolding factory

by:Shizhan     2020-09-03
Shantou where there is hot galvanizing plate buckle contact phone number: 18420150310 scaffolding repeatedly into the thief 'ladder of convenient' mark residential facade construction office sign with construction unit responsibility of community policing before year end is near. Who is in charge of hangzhou loss, how to prevent & quot; /> Great kanto nine garden district of facade renovation work is underway, many buildings sides set up scaffolding, most walls have been repainted, but these scaffolding provides convenience to the thief. January 9 in the morning, the village suffer many households 'some thieves'. The bells of the sitting room no wind from ring mention the thief, who lives in great kanto nine yuan & amp; 次; Building & amp; 次; Unit 601 room of Mr Huang has concerned, these two days are habitually wakes up several times at night. 'Thought that lived in the 6th floor, the thief again big also can't climb, daring the scaffold which know window become thieves' convenience ladder. '9, 5 o 'clock in the morning, Mr Huang's house to hang in the kitchen and sitting room between the wind chimes sound, burst out the waking wife pushed around the sleeping husband, whispered:' sure someone in the home, otherwise there is no wind, how bells ringing. 'Two people lying in bed breathless listen carefully, and sure enough turning out from time to time in the kitchen, and people in rush' hurry up '. 'I wanted to climb up to catch a thief, but the thought of 8 year old son, sleep alone, in the next room one thousand shocked the thief, hurt children? 'Mr Huang a brainwave, deliberately rang alarm clock, loudly say it's time to wake up with his wife. 'I had just finished, she heard issued a rustling in the sitting room, several people from the window to climb down. 'Mr Huang, his wife and his own bags, mobile phones, laptops and a lot of cash is gone, thick a calculate loss about ten thousand yuan. 'There will be the next two families and 25 big one family have things stolen, is estimated with a gang of thieves so swept all the way up. The police said that several thief footprint is different, we must be more than one, is the group. 'Contractor immediately dismantle scaffold Mr. Huang said, the scaffold has been set up for more than a month out of the window, the facade renovation project but do stop, have not been able to complete. 'Good scaffold has just set up on the first day, downstairs to have a few homes stolen, then construction of the community and also strengthened the patrol, didn't think the thief to crawl up or down the scaffolding. '10 day, although the facade renovation haven't finished, but the contractor or dismantled scaffold immediately. According to the small area public security, these early scaffold structures, the contractor and community safety, also considering the special set up patrol group, has sent all night patrol, from 10 PM on duty to 6 a. m. the next day, two security community on patrol in the area of the street, will patrol inside the village 10 times, but still available. 'The outside of the scaffold is green gauze covered, there was a man can't see clearly at night, there seems little flashlight on work. And many residential stair is mutually, also facilitate the thief fled. But community and construction will be further communications to strengthen the night patrol, ensure the safety of residents. 'Mark staff said of the street. According to the police, the case is under further investigation. The police also summarizes some similarities of similar cases. Basic construction is generally quite place inside the village residents, quite time is 11 PM to 5 am the next day for, 'methods are climbing scaffold drill window to enter room, after the thief, are used to carry a little light sometimes wearing gloves, and would take off their shoes to enter, to steal cash, cell phones, laptops and other articles carried easily. Who is responsible for loss, how to prevent the construction units before entering the community construction, contacted with community and community policing, signed the safety responsibility pledges, the contractor shall be responsible for the security, in the event of theft, shall be borne by the contractor. 'Mark said a staff member of the street. In Banks for 8 years experience to prevent security shen taught: by the window of the balcony must shut, and locked. Another 'trick' is to put a potted flower on the edge of the window, the thief knocked off making noise in the panic, remind night patrol personnel. General scaffold has a layer of bamboo shade, stepped on it make a sound, bamboo homes and night patrol personnel can judge for timely, as soon as possible find the thief. For the community, to protect property safety is an important responsibility of the household. To this end, the community also thought a lot. Such as announcement, reminds residents or go out at night shut the doors and Windows, keep your valuables, etc. And signed with the construction of the safety responsibility, and is composed of residents are volunteers obligations patrol, to assist the public security local police station to do a good job of guard against theft. Shantou where there is hot galvanizing plate buckles
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