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Scaffolding demolition - basic safety requirements Jiangsu Shizhan scaffolding engineering co. , LTD

by:Shizhan     2020-09-29
In general, there is a risk of scaffolding in demolition, if do not pay attention to some things, easy to cause unnecessary danger. Below small make up will tell you the scaffold should be paid attention to in the process of dismantling the related matters at 8 o 'clock. 1, the demolition of large-area scaffold should cordoning off the demolition area, it is forbidden to irrelevant personnel to enter. 2, to dismantle scaffold should be set to dismantle method, order. When one part of the demolition should not make the other part or other structure. 3, dismantle scaffold are strictly prohibited and homework at the same time. After the demolition of first step is to build after the demolition, and take the first principles, from top to bottom are removed. 4, dismantle scaffold, may adopt the method of the scaffolding overall down. 5, all scaffolding to be removed with a rope tied to transfer, are not allowed to throw down from a height. 6 the railings, scaffolding and stair should not tear down first, and should cooperate with the removal of scaffolding work at the same time. 7, the scaffolding demolition area, ban stay has nothing to do with the work of the staff. 8, near the power line dismantled, power outages, can't power failure, should take the measures to prevent electric shock and breaking lines. Keywords: scaffold
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