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by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
Scaffolding demolition notice what? Answer: ( 1) Before dismantling shelves, and other electrical equipment must be tube, circuit, mechanical equipment, etc. , dismantle or protected. ( 2) Open shelves, should be a unified command, according to the order from top to bottom; It is strictly prohibited on the lower removal at the same time or from the bottom up. ( 3) Remove the material, forbid throwing down, application of rope bound, with block method such as winding down slowly, centralized piled up at the specified location. ( 4) Dismantle scaffold, it is forbidden to use the entire method on the scaffolding of the. Scaffold, as well as the mouth of the cave in the side, template engineering, construction, material hoist, safety control points of the foundation pit supporting scaffold safety management control points before training, after the line; Education, and then mount guard; Plan, before implementation; Disclosure, and then build; After acceptance, first use; Often check, prevent hidden trouble. (1) the homework layer (2) stop using more than one month before loading (3) in case of level 6 or above high winds, heavy rain after 10 m - (4) after each set-up After 13 m height (5) after cold area soil thaw. 6. After the completion of the foundation before the erection. Scaffolding engineering clarificaiton and acceptance procedures ( 1) Scaffold erection, shall, in accordance with requirements of the construction plan, operational conditions and team, combined with the construction site for detailed disclosure ( 2) Construction, head of the organization, scaffolding, should by related personnel to participate in, according to the regulations of the construction plan and specification section inspection acceptance of item by item, in order before put into use, 3) The scaffold inspection acceptance should be carried out in accordance with the corresponding requirement specification, that do not conform to the provisions of the rectification immediately, the result of the inspection and rectification, should make records according to the measured data, and signed by the inspectors
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