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Scaffolding demolition of bottom card - subdivisional work safety technology Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shi

by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
1, dismantle field must be set up warning region, hanging eye-catching warning signs. Operators are strictly forbidden in the alert area of the passage or his/her organization construction continues under frame. The ground monitoring personnel must perform their duties. 2, carefully check whether the lifting machinery including rigging is safe and reliable, lifting machinery is not allowed to build on the scaffolding, should set up the Settings. 3, with strong winds, rain, snow and other special climate, should not be for the removal of scaffolding. 4, all high homework personnel should strictly according to the high operation regulations and to observe the safety discipline and dismantle process requirement. 5, after the demolition of personnel into the post, first check to reinforce the loose parts, clear step inside the layer of material, objects and garbage, clear all content should be safety to the ground, it is strictly prohibited to high toss. 6, according to the set-up of the program on. The safety net - vertical block its ~ mat spread its protective railings joists ~ ~ inclined rod rod ~ ~ even the wall of ledger ~ putlog ~ poling. 7, do not allow the discrete surface to dismantle or on, the next step removed at the same time, the earnest do it step by step, one rod. 8, all the wall bar, oblique rod and every other row measures must be demolished with scaffolding step layer simultaneous decline, no first dismantled. 9, all bar and fasteners, when demolition of separation, are not allowed to bar attached fasteners on the ground. 10, all mat spread its demolition, should be erected in the outgoing, carry, prevent from the inside out, after the garbage objects directly from its surface, falling cuts. 11, the day when completed, should be carefully check posts around the situation, such as finding hidden trouble, should be repaired in time or to finish to a program, a part of the end, Fang Kezhe from jobs. 12, all the bars to the ground, fasteners and other objects, should according to the kind of pile.
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