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by:Shizhan     2020-09-03
Rizhao aerial work hotline phone number: 18420150310 scaffolding rental: steel pipe scaffold erection protective basic requirements: steel pipe scaffold structures, process of double row home page set-up. Before the erection of steel pipe for maintenance derusting, painting and unity, shelf foundation formation compaction, concrete hardening, poling vertical steady on the concrete floor. The ground to set drainage measures. Drainage groove 50 cm away from the stud, size of 25 & amp; 次; 30cm。 Set is connected with a vertical and horizontal ground the roots of sweeping bar, stud spacing of 1. 8 m, transverse spacing 1. 2 m, 0 poling is apart from the wall. 2m。 Docking worksite, two neighboring poling staggered 2 m, in order to ensure a span. To ensure that the frame body beauty, pull to node set of specifications, in an outer layer of the second and third set between poling a stud, is apart from the outside corner of 0. 86 m, conform to the requirement of specification, exterior wall corner 1 m internal nodes. Putlog press stud and the main rail intersection point set, bowl scaffold is set at the bottom of the main rail ends fixed stud to ensure security force. The horizontal spacing inside poling inside and outside the inside of the stud is 1. 2m。 In order to ensure the enclosed in the body, the first step, top, top, top next steps and small bar at the bottom of the stretch to seg, out of the rest of the row of putlog poling within 10 cm, outside all putlog out stud 15 cm. Inside of the main rail fixed to the stud, along the longitudinal layout, its extension point stagger a span. In order to ensure the body formation and mesh tension, on both ends of the line, when arranging the ledger to ensure the above level and is advantageous for the foot hand laid. Main rail adopts the lap length of 40 cm. Stay after the main rail set-up, immediately set bracing, scaffolding lateral facade every eight. 55 m to the continuous setting from bottom to top bracing, the Angle with the ground tie into a 45 degree Angle. Intersection of bar set with other requirements are connected, and should be extended above the top of ledger, the next bracing is 70 cm from stud at the bottom of the sunshine, the work high above the hotline
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