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by:Shizhan     2020-08-25
Single lever button type aluminum frame company contact phone number: 18420150310 a, the engineering general situation of Asia Pacific water garden 1 #, 5 # floor, located in spinning road east road, building area of 3132 m2, 1 # floor 5 # floor construction area of 4115 m2, excluding stilt floor brickconcrete building a total height of 20. 8m。 2, 5 # decorative plaster scaffolding operation condition in 2016 (date) (month) (year), the erection. Use up to now. Through inspection fasteners loose, frame body no tilt phenomenon. 5 # floor, there are 10 kv high tension line all the way to the west and south of 5 # floor outside the frame for m away from the line distance. 5 # floor scaffold outside the edge of the lateral edge of high and low pressure in the minimum safety distance is less than the JGJ4688 the required distance. Electric protection housed. Three, dismantle the methods, steps and the order of 1, the demolition of the preparation work before the dismantled before the project director to dismantle the monitor safety technical disclosure, and after being signed by the monitor to safety technical disclosure, team members can began dismantling. Overhaul scaffold fastener connection, even the wall, supporting system is in line with the 'JGJ' and 'JGJ5999', does not meet the requirements of the need to reinforce the part, first of all to dismantle after reinforcement. On scaffolding to clear clutter and ground obstacles removed in dense mesh safety set net, security blanket net should be with the layer removed. In order to ensure the safety, the third floor is for scaffolding removal for operation. 2, dismantle the order of the removed must abide by from top to bottom, first, after take first open principle, the first open railings, scissors, brace, brace, then small bar, bar, post, etc. , and a clear principle, according to the requirement, in turn, ban on upper and lower at the same time. Even the wall must be demolished along with step by step a scaffold, forbidden to connect wall again after a whole layer or layers of demolition dismantled scaffold, segment elevation difference is not more than 2 steps to remove, elevation difference greater than 2 step, even the wall a reinforcement poling: when the scaffolding to lower down the last one, should be set up temporary support. Attention 3, dismantle scaffold lateral loading electric protection frame must be dismantled scaffold, are allowed to open. If necessary, it must be on after the power outage. And monitoring stop sending by designated personnel. Four, welded wire mesh to dismantle safety measures 1, suffering from high blood pressure, heart disease, and other old and weak is not suitable for high homework personnel, banned from high in the homework. 2, scaffolding demolition crews must be after the current national standard GB5036 examination qualified scaffolder. Mount guard personnel should be regular physical examination, eligible before mount guard. 3, scaffolding demolished before, fencing and warning signs on the ground, and hold people to keep and prohibit the operation personnel to enter. 4, high homework personnel right use of seat belts, wearing a helmet. Wear tight mouth overalls, don't wear hard bottom shoes and the most slippery. 5, lightning, or more than six levels of winds, heavy rain and fog may not be high operations. 6, homework personnel should be mutual echo, coordination, no substitution among, forbid single demolition operations, such as the need to rest when must reinforce the frame body and rear can have a rest. 7, scaffolding components it is forbidden to throw to the ground. 8, it is forbidden to drink and go to work. Single pole plate buckles type aluminum company
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