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by:Shizhan     2020-08-26
Education category: safety education education classes: 2 hours (date) (month) (year) unit name zhongjian bureau ( Shanghai) Speaker unit ( Department) Security speaker project name 2770 pudong avenue to base the education unit 4 Helen day construction labor services co. , LTD. , the number of people on the education content: 1, dismantling personnel must hold relevant certificates, wear a good helmet, high homework fasten your seat belt, no nails or easy sliding shoes. 2, in the process of dismantling it is forbidden to throw fasteners, tools of labor, and create safety area below. 3, installation and dismantling personnel unified wear toolkit, shall not be arbitrarily placed labor tools. 4, dismantled before should first check the wall of an outer layer is missing, if there is a lack of should be added in time. Before 5, demolition, demolition crews must be approved by the engineering department to do special safety technical disclosure, and special safety education, such as the safety technical disclosure and security personnel shall not on education. 6, scaffolding demolished, below should be set up warning region, and security personnel to monitor the irrelevant personnel shall not be arbitrarily in and out of the plane down the alert area. Seven, dismantle, should be a unified command, shall not be arbitrarily dismantled and clean up the bamboo piece of junk above, must not cross the work, prevent litter fall from above. 8, when the demolition of the steel tube assembly, should be completed in a one-off hoisting, shall not be separated from lifting. 9, the operator no admittance lifting area. When lifting operators to focus and obey the command of SPC, it is forbidden to illegal operations, do & other; 10 don't lift & throughout; 。 10 and bracing shall not one-time all demolition, which layer should be split to the bracing with demolition, shall not dismantle all bracing in advance. 11, dismantle personnel should strictly in accordance with the plan to dismantle, team leader should be unified to command all the demolition crews, and regularly check to dismantle progress, see whether carried out in accordance with the order. The recorder: ( Signature) For objects: ( Signature)
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