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by:Shizhan     2020-08-26
Table name called dalian's biological engineering technology co. , LTD. Name of engineering center of the Ministry of Education outside the scaffold project, project description: the project for dalian's biological engineering technology center engineering co. , LTD. , the Ministry of Education. This project is a 9 layer frame structure, the building area 1423. 9 ㎡, the total construction area of 12949. 86 ㎡, 1 ~ 3 layers of high 4. 5 m, 4 ~ 8 layers of high three. 3 m, 9 layers of high 3. 6 m, building high 38. 6m。 2, 1, comprehensive construction preparation, check the scaffold fastener connection, even support system wall pieces, such as whether the firm. 2, dismantle safety technical measures shall be carried out by the foreman level technical clarificaiton in writing; Removed midway may not change, such as the change of personnel must be safety technical disclosure. 3, dismantled before, team to learn safe technology operating rules, team need to tear open personnel safety disclosure, disclosure should have record, disclosure content should be targeted, open shelves considerations must be clear. 4, on the ground with safety warning belt before frame set warnings, and designated persons in custody, no guardian, no safety supervisor or foreman is present, outside the frame are not allowed to be torn down; Other assigned to a strong sense of responsibility, high level of technical team leader as a command is responsible for the demolition of all security work; It is forbidden to all the operators. 5, clear the clutter on the scaffolding and ground obstacles; Such as concrete, mortar block, fasteners on the scaffolding, steel pipe and materials, etc. , to prevent falling objects in the process of cuts. 6, draw the workspace, and clearly marked, modes, ban pedestrians. 7, the operator of the demolition of high shelf, must wear safety helmet, fasten your seat belt, wear soft bottom non-slip shoes. Three, scaffolding demolition process removal process: decryption eye safety net to dismantle barriers to dismantle scaffold board, split open a small bar to open the ledger, dismantle the bracing - open poling - tie rod to floor to remove fasteners, stacking according to specifications. Table name called dalian's name of biological engineering technology co. , LTD. Engineering center of the Ministry of Education outside the scaffold project 1, strictly abide by the demolition of the order, top-down, after put down first, after the first lap, railings, scaffolding, bracing, and then split transverse and longitudinal rod, rod, etc. 2, personnel unified command, echoed up and down, the movement coordination, when untied the fasteners related with another person, should inform the other party, in case of falling. Demolition of an outer layer of the material: steel, fasteners, such as safety net artificial immediately to the designated yard, demolition of an outer layer of the material may not be out on the shelf for the night. Four, scaffolding demolition requirements and note down the frame principle: top-down, down before they take the rod; Should be step by step removed by the layer; Forbidden and homework at the same time, the colleagues to pay attention to the protection of finished products. 1, shelves dismantling its demolition order should follow the top-down, and after a first principle. I. e. , the first open railings, scaffolding, bracing, brace, tear open a small bar, bar, after poling, etc. , and in turn, according to the principle of a clear step to prohibit fluctuation on at the same time. 2, bracing, not a one-time bar all removed, requirements to which layer, bracing, tie down to which layer, vertical bar, should first hold stud button to open the last two, demolition of the ledger, brace, bracing, should first open the middle button, and then hold the middle, and end button. 3, should be in front of the large frame removed node first such as reinforcement, so that after the demolition to ensure its integrity, security and stability. 4, all the wall should be with scaffolding removed one by one, it is strictly prohibited to connect wall again after a whole layer or layers of demolition dismantled scaffold, segmented demolition of elevation difference should not be more than two steps, such as the elevation difference is more than two steps, should add the wall a reinforcement; Release lever and must by 2 - - 3 people operate together, open the ledger, should by standing in the middle of the transfer rod down under, the personnel, after receiving to secure prison rod with above personnel must let it go, it is forbidden to throw down material.
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