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Scaffolding demolition stage supervision control points - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shiz

by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
The preparing work before 1, dismantle scaffold shall meet the following requirements: 1) Shall be fully check the scaffold fastener connection, even the wall parts, such as supporting system is in line with the construction requirements; 2) According to test results complement dismantling sequence and measures in perfecting the construction organization design, the construction unit of technical department approval to implementation; 3) Technical disclosure should be dismantled security; 4) Should clear the clutter on the scaffolding and ground obstacles. 2, dismantle scaffold, shall meet the following requirements: 1) Demolition work must be top-down gradually, it is forbidden to up and down the homework at the same time; 2) Even the wall must be demolished along with the gradually, it is strictly prohibited to even the wall again after a whole layer or layers of demolition dismantled scaffold; Segmented demolition of elevation difference should not be greater than 2 step; 3) When the scaffolding to lower down the last long the height of the vertical rod ( About 6. 5 meters) Set-up temporary cast, should be in place after the reinforcement, and demolition of the wall; 4) In the process of demolition, who have already loose connection rod parts removed away in time, avoid error lifted and false by has the bar of loose connection; 5) In the demolition process, should be ready to cooperate and coordinate action, forbid single on heavier rods and other dangerous job. 3, when the discharge shall meet the following requirements: 1) Remove the scores of rod parts should be in a safe manner and hanging down, all the components it is forbidden to throw to the ground; 2) To the components of the ground should be timely inspection, repair and maintenance, and according to the varieties, specifications code heap to store at any time.
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