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by:Shizhan     2020-09-04
Plan for the management of standard file shelves specification. Carefully prepared shelf project organization scheme, technical measures and guidance documents. Erection of people must be qualified through training and show certificates. And, in spite of illness after drinking hard wear shoes to work. Scaffolder must be strictly in accordance with code requirements set in the build-up to correctly wear and use labor protection articles. Strengthen the outer shelf in the construction of routine check and other prevention measures. 一个。 Do not overload; B。 Timely acceptance and quotation, check regularly; C。 Strengthen the outer shelf facade enclosure; D。 Strengthening the connection with inclined support anchor; E. Even the wall pull contact strictly in accordance with the provisions, spacing; F。 Strengthen the management of improper operation, do a good job of the left hand clear in time; G。 To do a good job of fire safety, timely clean flammable debris, the hot work must have the formalities for examination and approval. In front of the team construction must be carried out strictly clarificaiton safety technical operation requirements, to the construction. Any safety protection facilities, strictly forbid dismantle the shelf.
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