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Scaffolding, door word requirements - safety construction Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shizha

by:Shizhan     2020-09-03
1, scaffolding to strong, stable and can meet the construction need of load and to adapt to climate condition, the effect of deformation on load, tilt, shaking. 2, in the lightning season, construction erection of tic-tac-toe frame, independent shelf must be installed for more than 15 meters on the lightning rod, the grounding resistance is not greater than 4 ohms. 3, the adoption steel pipe for stud, its outer diameter to the 48 - 51 mm steel tube wall thickness 3 - 3. 5 mm long lap poling, must have enough strength, the form of lap joint pole lap to use 'one word' adversary card buckle. Want close, 4, the laying of scaffold board and firm, lap plate end to drown putlog 15 cm, scaffold board fixed on both ends, it is strictly prohibited to entities probe springboard. 5, double bent rod away from the wall distance (1. 4 m, poling from inside wall distance not greater than 20 cm, biggest stud spacing but 1. 5M。 6, wood, steel and bamboo board must check before construction, the springboard itself is safety hidden trouble, such as crack, the edge, etc. 7, bar card buckle wants firm, no loose, fall off, the phenomenon such as sliding, and bringing the join to the firm. 8, snow and rain day construction anti-skid measures should be taken, such as soil, flip the springboard, etc. Above 9, overlapping construction, construction personnel must have a hard protective. 10, scaffolding without the security officer allowed, do not get optional change. 11, all under the age of 18 years old or older than 50 years, the ban on scaffolding. 12, any more than 2 m scaffold under the use of safety net and the net mouth sealing up, every 6 m do protective layer with safety net. 13, door frame build-up height more than 4 m word, should be reliable connection with the subject to ensure they don't shake. If, soft ground or unfinished, door word bottom cushion wooden board, ultra smooth. 15, if the word door frame build-up area is too large, application of steel reinforcement, make it got behind the overall guarantee gate derrick is firm and stable. 16, door frame build-up must ensure that the attachment ( Insert core, tie rod, etc. ) Is complete. 17, scaffolding, every two to three layers need to adding a layer of AnQuanPing nets, springboard jump with double row, and bind firmly. 18, scaffolding lippi rod with the wall between must have the safety net for protection, and safety net to fixed tightly. 19 to set to block makes skins, scaffolding, and using federated eye network for containment. 20, is strictly prohibited to dismantle scaffold secretly node, if affect construction, must report to the project department, a professional processing. 21, scaffolding, word door frame and wall body between the walls must be solid and reliable, interval and span conform to requirements.
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