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by:Shizhan     2020-09-03
Wholesale market for large aluminum alloy scaffolding contact phone number: 18420150310 scaffolds play only a small part in engineering construction, but its role is irreplaceable. A scaffold historical testimony of China is the development of China. See, first of all, we clearly shows the concept of scaffolding and refers to the construction site all temporary steel bearing structure of a general designation; Scaffolding: refers to the construction site for workers operation and solve the vertical and horizontal transportation and erection of all kinds of support; You can see that the bracket can be divided into bearing frame and scaffolding, as a result of the erection of scaffolding materials can be used for erection of bearing bracket, so for a long time project operation of bearing bracket and workers with scaffolding called scaffolding. What kind of scaffolding are there? A, bamboo scaffolding: widely used in the early 50 s until all construction projects, especially in very commonly used in southern China. Due to the high cost performance and low cost, the southern region and the Hong Kong and Taiwan continue still in use. ___________ material: the use of growth more than 4 years of bamboo, QingNen, withered and yellow, bug eat by moth, decay, cracks, Through the section 2 above) Shall not be used. This binding: use scirpus tabernaemontani bamboo sticks, wide field. May not be a button to three. 3. Bamboo diameter: vertical pole, cross bar, bridging and tide, top the head diameter should be 7 cm or more effectively. Cross arm ( Small bar) ≥9cm。 _____ the shelf height within 24 m, 24 m above design scheme should be compiled and the examination and approval. ⒌ masonry uniformly distributed load on the scaffold is not more than 270 kg/m2, decorates the uniformly distributed load on the scaffold shall not exceed 200 kg/m2, wood, like bamboo scaffolding, scaffolding in the early 1949 years ago and 50 s are widely used. Wooden scaffolding technical specification please see: JGJ164 - 2008. Three: fastener type steel tube scaffold. The 60 s, due to its body bearing capacity is strong and flexible way of erection, can meet the needs of any construction etc. , quickly became the mainstream scaffolding products, and use up to now; At present still occupy more than 60% market share on the scaffold. Four, in the 80 s, China in the development of advanced, has the multi-function scaffold series of significant achievements, such as gantry scaffolding series, bowl type steel pipe scaffold series, annual output has reached tens of thousands of tons of scale, and has a certain amount of exports. Gantry scaffolding button bowl scaffold keyway frame and a bowl of alternative products: round buckle as time progress, the development of science and technology, applicable to all types of engineering scaffold emerge in endlessly. For example: bailey truss, bulk columns, steel support, climbing frame, etc. Real upgrading product of the scaffold is the button scaffold appeared in recent years, also called disc type scaffold, technology from Germany, suitable for all kinds of engineering demand, market is developing at a furious speed occupied the scaffold. But as long as there is a market, there is the phenomenon of shoddy. Today let you grab a few key points can clearly discern the stand or fall of button. 1, advocate material is made of Q345, is unable to distinguish between the naked eye, that would be the best instrument to detect the 2, the overall material is hot dip galvanized, must check the bar inside and outside the wall, to see if there is a flow zinc bar hole at the same time. 3, the button is the science of complete set of product design as a result, the bar is on linking parts have observation hole, some generic products to omit the unknown so. 4, the button products precision demand is high, the size of the product compared to other scaffolding is more accurate, because the button scaffolding diagonal member have since the correction function, if dimensional deviation will cause serious influence to the erection. To look at how production button scaffolding process requirements of 1, galvanized layer thickness, average 70 um. What is this mean? That's 20 years product quality not decay. 2, all the gas shielded arc welding, weld height not less than 3 dimensional deviation is less than 1 mm3, bar mm4, force wall thickness 3 bar. 2 mm, a single rod bearing capacity values of 160 kn ( 16 tons) , single rod load design value 80 kn ( 8 tons) Large aluminum alloy scaffolding wholesale market
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