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Scaffolding effect - effective activities Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shizhan security division

by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
1 scaffold bracing, efficient activities is to prevent the action of the longitudinal deformation of the scaffold movement, so as to realize the overall stiffness of scaffold. 2, manual framework to link to the unloading platform. Unloading platform design is good, easy to manage. 3, steel pipe can be installed as severe corrosion, flattening, bending the tube rupture in the trapezoidal scaffold, scaffold for efficient movement. 4, effective mobile scaffolding cracks, deformation, if not allowed to use fasteners in the contract, are not allowed to slip line. 5, the sign of lift platform mainly in warning card limit gantry scaffolding load up six, under the condition of building height, any effective mobile scaffolding shall not exceed 45 meters. 7, steel, are not allowed to move the bamboo scaffolding mix use, because efficient mobile scaffolding as a support object, the general requirement is that the overall strength, no shaking, no deformation, stability, if no nodes Shared mix, unable to ensure the stability of 8, establish efficient mobile scaffolding, should be put on the helmet, safety belt construction, non-slip shoes. 9, when using efficient mobile scaffold, to ensure safety, please do not remove the following barriers. Main node are: level of horizontal pole, vertical and horizontal scanning, fragments of walls. 10, about the basic condition of efficient mobile scaffolding installation personnel, scaffolding installation personnel need to pass the exam and special operations personnel safety technical assessment by national standards regulations. In this way, we can subjectively to protect life and property.
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