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by:Shizhan     2020-09-03
Basic requirements: 1, using the material of steel pipe scaffold engineering, should be consistent with existing national standards the straight seam welded steel pipe ( GB/T13793) Or low pressure fluid conveying in welded steel pipe ( GB/T3092) 3 of the stipulated in the ordinary steel pipe, its quality should be consistent with existing national standards 'carbon structural steel' ( GB / T700) Q235 in - The regulation of A grade steel. The size of the scaffolding steel pipe should be used according to the following table. Each tube's biggest quality should not be greater than 25 kg, appropriate USES Φ 48 x 3. 5 steel pipe. Scaffolding steel pipe size ( mm) Section size Φ, maximum length diameter d wall thickness transverse horizontal rod other rod 48513. 53. 022006500 the size of the old and the new steel pipe line, surface quality and appearance should be in accordance with the 'construction fastener type steel pipe scaffold safety technical specifications' ( JGJ130— 2001). 8. 1. 1, 8. 1. 2 of the ordinance; It is forbidden to punch on the steel pipe. 2, the fastener type steel pipe scaffold should be made of malleable iron fasteners, its material should be consistent with existing national standard steel tube scaffold fasteners ( GB15831) The provisions of the; Made of other materials fasteners, should be through the test show that the quality is in conformity with the provisions of the standard shall be used. Fasteners should not crack, air hole, also should not have osteoporosis, sand holes or the impact performance of casting defects. Fasteners and steel tube joint surface to contact good, fastener clip on steel pipe, opening the minimum distance of not less than 5 mm, the activities of the fastener parts should make its flexible rotation, rotating fastener spacing between two zhao turned surface needs to be less than 1 mm. Scaffolding fasteners, the bolt tightening torque of 65 n · m, shall not be destroyed. Is used by 3, scaffolding, fir and larch forest material production, the material should be consistent with existing national standards 'wood structure design code' ( GBJ5) Ⅱ level in the provisions of the material thickness generally should not be less than 50 mm, on both ends of the frame plate ㎝ place should be all set for 4 mm diameter galvanized steel wire hoop two way. 4, the thickness of the bamboo scaffolding shall not be less than 5 cm, bolt holes shall not be greater than 1 cm, bolts must be tight, loose, bending, dry brittle, soft sway, bug eat by moth, injury of the crack may be used. 5, scaffold design should be compiled according to the actual circumstance of the project. 6, the construction load bearing scaffold shall not exceed 3 kn / ㎡; Floor decoration scaffolds shall not be greater than 2 kn / ㎡, hanging basket scaffold shall not be greater than 1. 5 kn / ㎡, such as load must increase, should by the design and calculation, and the construction scheme of requirements in accordance with provisions. 7, erection of scaffold erection plan formulation and clarificaiton safety technical measures for operating staff, take a good, should be experienced qualified before use. 8, the vertical bar at the bottom of the backfill soil solid level off, the steel pipe scaffold of rod should be vertical stability on the metal base or long mat board ( The ground formation compaction) , the bottom of the tie rod sweeps the floor, and stud spacing shall not be greater than 2 m, the vertical deviation shall not be more than 1/200 of the high, big bar spacing is used for laying of 1. 2 to 1. To 1 of 4 m, used for decoration. 6 to 1. 8 m, small bar spacing shall not be greater than 1. 5m。 Steel stud, main rail joints should be staggered a interval. 9, steel bar with a fastener connection and screw down the bolt, the torsional moment of 40 ~ 50 n. m, test less than 60 n. m. Steel pipe is allowed to use the wire tie. 10, single putlog into wall scaffolding shall not be less than 24 ㎝; Out of ledger shall not be less than 10 ㎝, through the door window and channel spacing of putlog as greater than 1 m should be tied to the boom; Spacing greater than 2 m, derrick below need to be added a top bracing. 11, the ends of the scaffold, the corner, and every 6 ~ 7 root stud should set a bracing and support arm. Bracing and the Angle of the strut and the ground should not be greater than 60 °, bracing, to be born in the lower end of the strut, rack high at more than 7 meters or when they cannot set the strut, every 4 m height of vertical and horizontal direction every 7 meters between the scaffolding and buildings must set a node, to adopt rigid connection. 12, bearing scaffold board laid width shall not be less than 1. 2 m, adornment and shuttering scaffolding width according to the requirements of the job to determine, the scaffold must be spread, shall not be greater than 20 ㎝ from metope, the joint should be set up double row putlog, spacing with 20 ㎝ advisable, but in the corner shelf rack panels should cross lap, not high scaffolding or frame with a brick, brick plate is used. 13, double frame board should be from outside to inside in order to, in the first block or tie rods to spread to the outside to be hung up when a piece of scaffolding safety belt. 14, the outer edge of the scaffold, end, ramps and platforms to set up 1 ~ 1. 2 high protective railings and set of not less than 18 ㎝ high foot or hang set net protection. Set-up in 30 meters high above 15, the scaffold should be specially design calculation, and preparation of construction scheme and safety technical measures, in accordance with the disclosure of execution. And scaffolding: 1, the stud spacing shall not be greater than 2 m, longitudinal and transverse shall hooking rail, pull each other in mind, with wall shelf corners should be resist or with inclined ChengCheng prison, prevent shaking shelf, high water more than 5 m of the shelves, and vertical and horizontal vertical spacing between shall not be greater than 2 m. And added bracing rod and sweeping the floor. 2, and the scaffold: less than 4 m high, empty frame plate joint shall not be greater than 20 ㎝, rack high more than 4 m, frame plate should be spread, and can not have short board, the height is more than 6 m and rack, 3 m from the ground place should have a flat screen.
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