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by:Shizhan     2020-09-02
Nanjing aluminum alloy construction platform high scaffolding how much contact phone number: 18420150310 1, no matter what type of scaffold erection technology, materials and processing quality of the scaffold, must conform to specified requirements is absolutely forbidden to use unqualified erection of scaffold materials, in case of accident. 2, general scaffolding must be scaffolding set-up, security technology operating rules for height more than 15 m or more tall scaffolding, must have the design, calculation and detailed, the erection scheme, technical director at the next higher level for examination and approval, have a written safety technical clarificaiton, before the erection. Prepare a separate safety technical measures, to build. 4, after the construction team to accept tasks, must organize personnel, carefully grasp the scaffold, special safety construction organization design and safety technical measures clarificaiton, discussion the erection method, and good technology, experienced technical personnel is responsible for the erection of technical guidance and supervision. After the acceptance of scaffold erection and assembly, should be confirmed by the inspection and acceptance of qualified rear can work. Should step by step, one by one within the period of water head foreman and supervisors and shelf full-time safety technical people and organization acceptance, and fill in the acceptance certificate. According to the following requirements: 1, the fundamental processing of scaffolding, practice and embedment depth must be accurate and reliable. 2, the layout of the shelf, stud, size bar spacing should comply with the requirements. 3, shelves, authors and assembly, including the selection of tool holder and key should comply with the requirements. Part 4, and even the wall) or with fixed structure should be safe and reliable; Bracing, brace should comply with the requirements. 5, scaffolding safety protection, safety insurance device to be effective; Fasteners and tie tighten degree should comply with the regulations. 6, scaffolding hoisting machinery, steel wire rope, such as the installation of the derrick to safe and reliable, the laying of scaffold board should comply with the rules. 6 quota establishment FangXiu norm of the scaffold can be divided into: general scaffolding, scaffold for building, high-level scaffolding scaffolding, independent residence, patio before and after scaffolding, total wide row scaffolding, balcony feet, shenzhen baoan activities hand frame, downspout chimney scaffolding scaffolding, scaffold for building flagpole, building, and the scaffold, such as type, round should shenzhen baoan when budgeting activities according to the points of all kinds of different house shenzhen baoan round activity classes apply quota accordingly. Scaffolding quota establishment is divided into three types: 1) Composite scaffold, there is no real pattern, if during the construction of a sussing out, in the same place, there are a number of projects need to use scaffolding, you can use the scaffolding project, cannot happen again other scaffolding installation projects. In construction, the construction units can be set up according to need. The cost of the project is higher. 2) Within the scaffold is exterior wall construction scaffolding, scaffolding is interior wall construction, but the general civil buildings, civil construction can't apply within the scaffold. More than 3 in pipeline construction, but also in height. Part 6 meters above, just have the scaffold project. 3) The height is not too high, and bearing little place, can use a single scaffold. General multi-storey building exterior wall construction, all is the use of double row scaffolding. High-rise construction, if make the wheel with the scaffold, must do all accounting activities round, because senior activity wheel scaffolding accidents occur frequently. The common problems in 7 design ( 1) To heavy baoan scaffold should have a clear understanding the activities of the wheel, generally if the thickness of the floor more than 300 mm, should consider the design according to the heavy scaffolding, scaffolding load more than 15 kn / ㎡, the design scheme should be set in shenzhen baoan rent scaffolding weaving expert argumentation. To shenzhen baoan rent scaffolding points out those parts of the steel tube length changes impact on the bearing of shenzhen baoan rent scaffolding is larger, the template scaffold should be considered: the top of a horizontal bar center line of the length of the template support a shoulds not be too long, it is advisable to generally less than 400 mm ( In the new specification may be revised) , when the poling calculation generally on the top step and the largest stress at the bottom step, should be regarded as the main computing point. When required by the bearing capacity of discontent group should add stud reduce the vertical and horizontal spacing, or increase the horizontal bar interval. ( 2) Domestic foot shenzhen baoan rent scaffolding hand common steel, fasteners, jacking and tap shenzhen baoan rent scaffolding material quality is unqualified, failed to consider the actual construction of theoretical calculation, the best in the process of design and calculation to take certain safety coefficient. The construction of the lever is missing, not connected, sweeping stem from two vertical and horizontal distance is too big or too small, etc. ; Scaffolding plank crack, thickness is not enough and the lap joint does not meet specification requirements; After the big template demolition in shenzhen baoan scaffolding side stud and wall body between shenzhen baoan scaffold for network; Bracing in plane not continuous; Open the scaffold not brace; Scaffold board under the small bar spacing is too large; Even the wall not shenzhen baoan scaffolding to do inside and outside shenzhen baoan scaffolding rigid connection; Protective railings spacing greater than 600 mm; Fastener connection is not tight, fastener slip, etc. Scaffolding, verticality and levelness allowed deviation mobile scaffolding scaffolding pedal trapezoidal scaffold scaffold factory direct sale mobile scaffolding scaffolding pedal trapezoidal scaffold activity scaffolding manufacturers selling projects allow deviation ( mm) Projects allow deviation ( mm) Vertical degree of each step h / 1000 and plus or minus 2. Level 0 level within a span of frame difference on both ends - l / 600 and plus or minus 3. 0 scaffolding integral H / 600 + 50 scaffolding integral + L / 600 and + 50 note: H - — Interval; H— — The scaffold height; l— — Span; L length of scaffolding.
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