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by:Shizhan     2020-09-03
Scaffolding, unit: ( Hereinafter referred to as party a) Scaffolding unit using: ( Hereinafter referred to as party b) According to the needs of party b's dry hanging wall construction tasks, party a to party b retains the HuaJun construction machinery trading center of scaffolding, responsibility for security in order to clear the parties, the convenience of management, to ensure safety, conducive to production, follow the principle of equality, voluntariness, fairness, honesty and credit, both parties will dry hanging wall during the construction of the scaffold use safety matters agree through consultation, conclude this agreement. , scaffolding hand over by: 1, party a should guarantee the transfer of scaffolding in accordance with relevant specifications, standards and use requirements ( Party b design and erection of scaffolding, all responsibilities by party b is responsible for) , handed over to party a and b should be by the project manager organize relevant personnel to participate in the acceptance, and fill in the use and transfer of management records, formally handed over to party b the use and management. 2, transfer is completed, party b to party a to pay each month scaffold for a total of yuan; After party b receives the scaffolding to within the jurisdiction of the scaffold take full responsibility for the safe use and management. Second, scaffolding safety use and the management goal: 1, to fulfill the requirements of the chemical safety civilization to, every time the scaffold single rating not less than 80 points; 2, party b accept party a's at ordinary times or related safety inspection by the competent department of fine rate was 100%; 3, malignant zero accident responsibility. Third, the party b after receiving the scaffold, party b to manage scaffold must be: 1, ensure the overall full of shelves, solid, not dismantle unloading facilities at will, bar node, the frame body, safety facilities. 2, check whether the scaffold is solid, reliable, often need to tear open change, pull nodes or other parts must be temporary reinforcement measures, and timely recovery, to endanger the whole shelf stable it should have, and be submitted to the contractor and supervision company approval to perform. 3, to assist party b to party a if it shelf, must advance written notice to party a, by party a in the premise of not affect scaffolding safety dispatching people to assist tear open change, and acceptance by both parties, party b can continue to use, such as force, the party b without acceptance will assume the resulting all responsibilities. 4, the daily maintenance of scaffolding, Include protection, safety nets, scaffolding, inside the wall between the closed, wire rope, etc. ) By party b, party b shall bear the expenses incurred therefrom. Party b shall ensure that the scaffold surface veneer, probe plate, such as the daily maintenance of scaffolding should be carried out by special operation certificate scaffolder, if party b has no scaffolder, to party a for help. 5, timely 淸 scaffolding sundry, in case of falling objects. 6, party b shall arrange work on scaffolding, cross homework due protection facilities, so as to avoid objects against accidents. Four, in order to ensure safe use and the management goal, scaffolding, party b promises: 1, the party a, party supervision hidden danger existing in the construction of party b to violate the rules and regulations shall have the right to written notice issued to inform them, the rectification notice issued by party a, party supervision, party b shall during the term of gauge go after rectification. The not timely rectification of party b, party a has the right to party b for financial penalties, stop using the scaffolding and unilaterally terminate this agreement. If, in the superior departments check food, due to the reason of the scaffold, to the contractor enterprise and the construction cause the point deduction, party b agrees to pay liquidated damages to party a, liquidated damages according to points at the time of total value for 5000 yuan. 3, in the superior departments to check, if because of scaffolding, were ordered to cease the rectification, informed criticism, warning, wait for a phenomenon, cause the project did not get a province safety civilized construction site, the loss caused to party a and shut and penalties shall be borne by party b in full; Five, the accident treatment: 1, after party b receives the scaffolding, if due to party b within the jurisdiction of the scaffold to its safe use and poor management and so on reasons, lead to inductrial injury or other liability accident, the party b shall be responsible for all responsibility, problems arising from the specific things received by party b is responsible for processing and their families. 2, if due to party b's improper accident disposal, administrative punishments directly caused by party a, litigation and other relevant economic and reputation losses, the losses shall be borne by party b to party a the corresponding liability to pay compensation: 6, need to supplement clause: 2, protocol matters not mentioned herein, if necessary, can make supplementary agreement separately, the content of the supplementary agreement if any conflict with this agreement, the supplementary agreement shall prevail. Seven, contract number 1, this contract in two originals, are equally authentic, by party a and party b keep one copy respectively. Eight, the contract comes into effect: 1, the contract time year month day: 2, since the date of signing this contract use scaffolding terminated after written notice to party a to party b. Party a: ( Signed and sealed) Party b: Signed and sealed) Year month day year month day
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