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by:Shizhan     2020-09-03
Since the end of last year, many people can find baochu pagoda will unveil spire of the tower was found to be distorted, and then in the last month, to protect tower is closed by the competent department of construction and maintenance. Hangzhou before reporters take pictures of the spire of the distorted. On November 10, its reporters in hangzhou today ( On November 10). Around the baochu pagoda will unveil see, at present the tower has been basically covered by scaffolding, according to the construction schedule construction work more than 20 days, after the completion of basic scaffolding, relevant experts will be at the top of the tower is analyzed, this paper analyzes the reason of the deformation of spire, and combining with the preliminary plan optimization, and repair the spire, but specific maintenance time need how long it's not clear. Baochu pagoda will unveil for wu yue wang, Wu Yanshuang, every grade nine, yuan dynasty years ( 1314-1320) To the Ming jiajing period ( 1522-1566) The tower built repeatedly destroyed. Shine when pagoda support cloud, jinbi emptying, Sapporo, enough to see. Known as the world be like old na, protect Chu like beauty. As a marker of the west lake. There were once wrote: gem mountain sixty-three zhangs, ten mile on Monday. King Qian Wusu longevity stone mountain, Luo Yin to remember. Its extremely is bao feng, bao tower, tower by a treasure, cover baochu pagoda will unveil also. A myth built the tower was widowed sister-in-law qi tertiary peace, therefore is called 'uncle', also is called 'treasure tower' mistake. The tower of old song, yuan, Ming and qing four generations, six times rebuilt. Qianlong 54 years ( 1789) , has been found under the tower Wu Yanshuang built tower residual stone, the tower has seven layers wooden eaves. Now the tower for twenty-two years of the republic of China ( 1933) According as reconstruction of ancient pagoda. Baochu pagoda will unveil to be included in the national key cultural relics protection units.
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