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Scaffolding has occupied people's heart, scaffolding, scaffolding, jiangsu province, construction scaffolding

by:Shizhan     2020-09-28

We can see in the engineering construction, often can see some relatively large machine tools, such as scaffolding is frequent in our engineering using a simple tool that the scaffold is made of the naive steel space structure. Scaffold can be so many people so, of course, the widespread use of, also have certain advantages, think it often can complete some machine can't work, we need to rely on the scaffold. Has become the current heavy usage and application widely in our country a scaffolding, scaffolding used about 70% of the total, in a long time in the future, the scaffolding will still dominate. But, this kind of scaffolding safety guarantee is poorer, construction efficiency is low, scaffold erection of larger height regulation for 33 m, can't meet the development needs of high-rise building construction.                                

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