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by:Shizhan     2020-09-05
1. Walls scaffolding scaffolding when double-sided painting and a painting how to care about? A: distinguish and single valuation quota valuation to consider, if is the quota valuation, building height in three of the fence. Under 6 m according to the scaffold. Double paint, attached to the side wall in scaffolding a painting; Single if you only care about a scaffold of quantities ( But some regional quota has summed up the walls of the height in 3. Scaffold under 6 m, it is no longer grace guajardo take) 。 If height in 3. More than 6 m, according to the single row scaffolding dispute, single and double face. If be the word that list valuation, can be in accordance with the tender documents and field practice environment and the unit itself ability in clearly on the way from intention to offer, price also is in accordance with the practice environment group. 2. Exterior wall double row scaffolding is according to the height of the buildings show the norm within the corresponding high intention, but each layer within the frame beam double-row scaffold should show the height? Answer: generally speaking, a floor inside the frame beam will no longer need to care about double row scaffolding, but should show the scaffolding. If crossed the quota designated case mold, such as single layer height reach norm defined limit and so on, and also plan to take apart the scaffold in 'the scaffolding and scaffolding ', even if, under special circumstances within the floor defined norm can take double row scaffolding, meter floor in the height of the frame beam of double-row scaffold should also be in accordance with the floor to the top of the frame beam height of floor regardless of its size. 3. Fit the scaffold, single row scaffolding, double row scaffolding, what is the difference between single scaffolding, they are about how to care about their quantity? Answer: ( 1) Fit the scaffold: according to the interior net area object, its height in 3. 6 ~ 5. The bottom of the 2 m between dispute root. Across the five. 2 m, add 1 each. 2 m by adding a layer of object, less than 0. 6 m. ( 2) Single, double row scaffolding is in accordance with the erection of the straight projection area of the object. ( 3) Single scaffolding refers to all kinds of scaffolding except inductive scaffolding. Fit degree of the scaffold is set-up of scaffolding, the underlying intent is indoor net area object, intention and single row and double row scaffolding is a straight mark the scaffold erection, is in accordance with the erection of straight projection area of dispute, other single scaffolding in accordance with the respective object track, and delimit the dispute. 4. Steel structure engineering scaffold dispute how? A: steel structure engineering of Buddhism are prepared in accordance with machinery hoisting, so all steel structure engineering scaffold cost must be less than the cost of concrete structure engineering scaffold, but now as if also didn't see where there is there for all steel structure engineering scaffold for delimiting the dispute. In the absence of special steel structure engineering scaffold object track conditions, is still use scaffolding of quota attached to the rail, in accordance with the construction area of about set of scaffolding of Buddhism. 5. Installation in practice, such as do not need to take down the scaffolding, whether also need to take the scaffolding meter set down the cost? A: scaffolding split coefficient is summarized the fixed. So, besides that delimit no take scaffolding take down cost, whether to take down the scaffolding, the theory of engineering practice or take down the number of lot, shall be according to delimit the coefficient meter from the scaffold down expenses, lump sum operation.
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