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by:Shizhan     2020-09-29
Scaffolding set-up in building engineering construction, the main safety protection, operation, and load-bearing role, the erection shall be in strict accordance with the provisions of the set-up, and the corresponding calculation, check, in order to ensure construction safety. In view of the wider use poling fastener type steel pipe scaffold, the construction and calculation should understand and master the basic regulation, to ensure that meet the construction requirements. Nowadays, steel tube scaffold is often used in civil building construction, maintenance, provide the working face and sustainable it often, relates to the safe construction can play a key role for the smooth, is an important content of construction safety inspection. Years of supervision work found fastener type steel pipe scaffold in the erection, construction and design calculation, there are more problems, one is that the erection is not standard, the second is the design concept is not clear, load in a diagram, calculation is wrong and related problems, coping strategy, perfunctory phenomenon is more, often happen scaffolding integrity is poor, the bearing capacity is insufficient cause inclination deformation or the whole collapse, therefore, should be attached in the construction.
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