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by:Shizhan     2020-09-29
ADG scaffolding support system of bar welding as a body, bar in C type self-locking woven shape fastening device and poling u-shaped card hook lap, when affected by gravity, this form will automatically rotate and iron with u-shaped card hook lock, construction is convenient, safe. The scaffold - Scaffolding quota establishment FangXiu norm of the scaffold can be divided into: general scaffolding, scaffold for building, high-level scaffolding scaffolding, independent residence, patio before and after scaffolding, total wide row scaffolding, balcony flagpole scaffolding scaffolding, scaffold for downspouts, building, building scaffolding chimney, and the scaffold types, such as when budgeting should be according to the classification of all kinds of different houses to paraphrase quota accordingly. On the bowl even if is not pressure, rail joint also does not emerge and cause an accident. At the same time equipped with Ann stents, between rail, scaffolding, block board, ladder. Liang. Even the wall rod support and other accessories, the use of safe and reliable. : that it is the main component with & Phi; 48× 3. 5, Q 235 welded steel pipe, simple manufacturing process, moderate cost, can be directly to the existing fastener scaffold for processing. Don't need a sophisticated processing equipment. ADG series of scaffolding, there are two series 60 series and 48 series, 60 series specifications 60. 3 x3。 Two series of 48 13. 3 x2。 7, the steel pipe size as an international standard, all for Q345 steel quality. The scaffold in domestic Olympic projects used in the water cube R3 area roof unloading. Advantages of light quality, easy to install disassemble, high bearing capacity and the faults bar size is fixed, restrictions on the size received the erection. Accessories are all made of low carbon alloy steel stamping forming, while guarantee strength, improve the toughness, to enhance the whole support ability and integrity. Keywords: scaffold
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