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by:Shizhan     2020-09-29
【 Jiangsu scaffolding leasing http://www. atjsj。 com/products- 细节。 asp吗? cpid = 33】 The scaffolding of the eight note: 1, 1 m2 layer each frame on the practice of the construction load ( Personnel, materials, and machines and components) E. or construction shall exceed the following values. The construction load ( Job level personnel, equipment, material weight) The specification values, the layout of the scaffold to adopt 3 kn/m2; Scaffolding 3 kn/m2. 2, the data set on the rack shall be piled up neat stability and shall not affect the construction operations and personnel. According to the passage of trolley demand erection of scaffold should guarantee the lanes open. Stop sale personnel Benz, regression or backward cart on the surface of the frame. 3, height of people working in the frame of the larger should be in normal operation can be performed for degrees, stop on the frame plate padded implements or single piece of scaffolding to add operating height. 4, in operation, stop the root of the random removal of scaffolding frame bar, cohesion and integrity bar fastener. Because of operational needs truly needs to remove, it is necessary to agree with competent personnel, adopt corresponding compensation method, and at the end of the operation, in time to recover. 5, workers in the frame work, should pay attention to self security maintenance and others' safety, prevent the onset of knock against, slip and fall. Stop in the rack frolicking and sitting on a rail fine QuanChu rest. 6, personnel fluctuation scaffold it is necessary to establish safe protection of channel, to stop climbing scaffold. Seven, each class on assignments, should first check with or without affecting safe operation of questions exist, rear xu start homework in cleaning and treatment. Unsafe conditions were found in the assignments, and trace should immediately suspend operation view, processing ability recover normal operation in the future; Found to have abnormal and the risk condition, should immediately tell everything on personnel evacuation. 8, the daily work should finish before the plane surface, on the surface of the frame data items accumulation is neat, trash pickup; The time of the operation, should be timely finishing materials and items to Ann. In any situation, stop dumping data items and dumping rubbish from the shelves.
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