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Scaffolding inventory and production out of the shadows, scaffolding, scaffolding, construction steel pipe scaffold - Jiangsu Shizhan scaffold project

by:Shizhan     2020-09-28
Into the scaffold continued to Yin, under the condition of market demand did not see improvement, producer prices for scaffolding companies are also beginning to loosen. Following last weekend's scaffolding, scaffolding for ex-factory price in November after open flat, yesterday another big scaffolding factory pricing scaffolding to follow up, cut prices for some varieties, pricing of 50 yuan. Scaffolding social inventory and production in the near future both pick up. Statistics show that in the first week in October scaffolding social inventory of 15. 29 million tons, the first sharply increased by 62. 40000 tons; And China in late September coarse scaffolding daily output rose to 2. 15 million tons. From the above inventory compared with production data, it can be seen that the contradiction between supply and demand of scaffolding market is still large. Under the condition of market demand has not improved, the mainstream of scaffolding factory factory price from rise to fall, reflecting the expectations for the fourth quarter of the scaffold city is abate, cautious about late scaffold price movements, this is undoubtedly the scaffolding market one of the important reasons for the poor. Article source: http://www. atjsj。 com
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