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by:Shizhan     2020-09-03
Scaffolding is a common building tools, so it is very important to the stability of the scaffold. A structure or part of the local fire, a component and a component; Plane inside and outside the fire. Sometimes there will be no superplastic within the elastic range, and are present in all material before the plastic to plastic superplastic; So can be divided into flexible stabilizer, elastic-plastic stability and the stability of plastic. According to a fire phenomenon, structure can efficiency is not high. Usually, in the ideal mathematical model is established on the basis of theory, stability theory is called pressure is called the steady state theory, its foundation is described and the research and the stability of the components on the ultimate bearing capacity of stability theory. The theory of failure. Functional element, the structure of the collection or damaged in the process of use, or in the loading test of charge called electrostatic charge or charge. Limited bearing capacity. To simplify the operation, the pressure is often used. Scaffolding is the proper use of safety construction of basic materials on the surface of the work will in time, keep the working face is perfect, do not put the tool material, affect the operation safety, don't hurt. Every time when we had finished the work, materials on the shelves, At that time to burn anything to stack up well. 3 in working to pry open, pull, push, dial operation, such as taking the right position, firmly support the strong supports, too hard words body become calm; Must avoid throwing items. 4 when it comes to work, when welding, reliable fire protection measures should be taken. ( Specific see: scaffolding fire protection requirements and measures) When 5 rain, snow accumulation, must work to remove snow, on the surface of the water, to prevent slipping. 6 the height of the surface is not enough, need to increase height, use reliable cushion height, no more than height. Over the case, you must set rules of shelf plate layer.
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