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by:Shizhan     2020-09-02
Scaffolding is a great variety of types, scaffolding exists because of the different degree of bar set up and the node and connection structure is not enough strict ( Can not meet the normal engineering steel structure demand) , support conditions ( Base, floor, the ground) And installation quality, Structure size and vertical and horizontal deviation) Difficult to control, pole ( Structure) Parts easy to deformation, corrosion, wear, contamination and build-up, use more casual and outdoor use, such as the bad working conditions, such as to make it shall increase the safety of the design. Scaffolding is a lot of kinds of types, such as the following. Bowl scaffold is one of the modern architecture widely used above construction steel, it is a kind of at home and abroad to attract domestic and foreign advanced joints and fittings of the same kind of foot hand process on the basis of the research and development, in addition to steel pipe sections and bowl of scaffold fittings, mainly can be divided into the bowl, plate, bowl, bar on vertical shaft sleeve, casting Angle, wheel disc, wheel, u-shaped card, right-angle fastener, docking fastener and so on many kinds of accessories. Bowl scaffolding connection structure is reasonable, the manufacturing process is simple, easy to use, the applicable scope is wide, can meet the construction requirements of various kinds of buildings. Fastener scaffold is a kind of versatility of construction equipment: can be according to the requirements of the concrete construction, and also can be organized into a variety of different shapes, sizes and different bearing capacity of single and double row scaffolding and support frame, combined with construction fastener, material of hoisting frame can constitute shores and climbing scaffolding, etc. , construction equipment, and can do all kinds of the construction of the building material, is very suitable for curved surface of the erection of scaffolding and overloading of the supporting frame. Fastener scaffold on the design of the joint, jacking, should consider above all is bowl of screw friction problem and its own gravity, the construction joints are very good self-locking ability, part of the adjustable jacking, mainly through its effect on rail load under the bowl are passed to the stud, jacking up and down, its bowl is a very strong capacity of shear. Movable scaffolding is a widely used in building decoration, Bridges, large advertising, stage lighting set-up, water and electricity installation and glass curtain wall and other occasions security tools, in addition, it also in the construction industry has established the good corporate letter transcripts, by the vast number of users praise. Scaffolds are all made of high strength steel tubes, automatic gas shielded welding and become, use the advanced overall galvanized process, improve the surface corrosion rust resistance, thus greatly extend the service life. Whether what kind of environment, the corrosion resistance and rust resistance had not been changed. Button scaffold in railway, highway bridge construction in recent years has been widely used, but with no corresponding specification, in the construction engineering and municipal engineering is still in its infancy. Part at present, the city subway and municipal bridge site also have the socket plate buckles type steel pipe scaffold. Button scaffold structure and features: button scaffold: casing worksite socket connection, horizontal and diagonal rod end joint card buckle into the connection plate, using wedge bolt connection, form the steel pipe support structure geometric invariant system. Disc type scaffold by poling, level pole, diagonal, adjustable base, and the adjustable bracket components. According to its USES can be divided into two types of formwork and scaffolding. Button scaffold has the following characteristics: 1, mechanical strength, stiffness and stability, with sufficient protection, safe and reliable work; 2, for the semi-rigid node connections, between articulated and just answer, self-locking ability, flexible installation simple and quick, pitched, dismantle the efficiency is higher than bowl type scaffold. Construction process, opened, closed channels at any time. 3, reduce cost, the same conditions of large space three-dimensional scaffold, consumption of the new building quick release stent materials less than type bowl multi-function scaffold, same specifications single bar weight is lighter than type bowl multi-function scaffold. 4, strong and durable, plug sockets are not afraid to fall, not easy to be cement casting die, easy to transport, easy to count. Set which repair material production, than loss under the bowl of the scaffold. Door scaffold ( Gantry scaffolding customization) One of the scaffold is widely used in construction scaffolding. 。 Due to the frame in the door type, so called the door or gate type scaffold, also known as scaffolding or gantry. Gantry scaffolding first developed by the United States, it has the tear open outfit simple, bearing performance good, safe and reliable use, etc, are developing fast. In some of its application in the high-rise building construction. It can be used inside and outside the scaffold construction not only, also can be used as a floor, and the beam formwork and mobile scaffold, has more features, the so-called scaffold. Scaffold is in the late 1950 s the United States for the first time, the development of a building tools. It has the tear open outfit simple, mobile convenience, good bearing capacity, the use of safe and reliable, as well as good economic benefit, is developing rapidly. Door scaffold ( Gantry scaffolding customization) Is to meet the high standards of security needs and manufacturing today, is a new international standard in accordance with the movable scaffolding EN10041 BS, BSIBS1139: Part3 design scaffolding system strictly, meet and exceed the JGS1001 - at the same time The diversity of product mix, wide range of USES, safe and reliable, light and quick.
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