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by:Shizhan     2020-09-03
Scaffold board belongs to the scaffolding accessories, namely the pedals, scaffolding is a walk in the aerial work or stacked items, need to use the pedal, can also be used as a temporary platform stacked tools. Scaffold board consists of the following material: iron scaffolding plank, glue scaffold board, aluminum alloy scaffolding, wood, bamboo scaffolding, stamping steel scaffold board, such as plastic planks are generally in accordance with the requirements of the actual scene selection, stamping steel scaffolding plank, glue scaffold board and aluminum alloy scaffolding the three most choice. To qualify for scaffolding specifications are mainly the construction fastener type steel pipe scaffold safety technical specifications 'JGJ130 - 2011, 'technical specification for wood construction scaffolding safety JGJ164 - 2008, involves the calculation of bearing and the falling objects protection and so on. Material: iron with hot galvanizing technology, regular length ( Center distance) There are zero. 9米,1。 5 m, 1。 5 m, 1。 8米,2。 1米; Regular width ( Center distance) There are zero. 24m,0. 25米,0。 3米; Thickness of conventional one. 2厘米,1。 5厘米,1。 8cm。 On both ends of the belt hook or without hook, according to the actual overhead working tools. The design of main selling on the market at present, which has two kinds of origin and pedal diamond hollow out the pedal. Mainly used on the door scaffolding, steel tube scaffold. Plywood material: process design we intensified the efforts on non-slip concave and convex, regular length ( Center distance) There are 1. 29m,1. 64米,2米,2。 5米,3米, Regular width ( Center distance) There are zero. 6米; Conventional thickness is 1 cm. Mainly divided into open type and one-piece type, open side staff from top to bottom, from inside the scaffold one-piece bearing capacity is relatively better. Mainly used in accord with standard of EN1004 aluminum alloy scaffolding. Material: aluminum alloy wave pattern design thickness of aluminum alloy pedal is 0. 25毫米; Regular length ( Center distance) There are 1. 64米,2米,2。 5米,3米, Regular width ( Center distance) There are zero. 6m。 Bearing is 200 kg/square meters. Lighter weight than plywood materials are divided into one-piece and open type two kinds of style. Mainly used in button scaffolding, bowls button scaffolding. Wood: the oldest pedals, because of its bearing capacity and safety performance is not high at present has been eliminated. Mainly used in the traditional bamboo scaffolding and scaffolding of iron. Must be noticed when the erection and dismantling of scaffolding in the following convenient: pass plate, plate, the up and down or so operators should closely cooperate, coordinated. Board should pay attention to avoid collision above personnel, below the hand board should be in above personnel catch pole rear can let go, and hiding from the vertical distance of 3 m. Using human material, big rope must be strong, it is strictly prohibited under vertical widening rope hanging material within 3 m. The pedals use mechanical lifting, should set the heavens and the earth round. Wheel must be reinforced, heaven and earth shall comply with the mechanical lifting safety operation procedures, hanging freight plank, the content such as steel pipe shall be binding and firm, picking platform outside are not allowed to stand. Material should be hoisting machinery such as parking before lashing material and solution.
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