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Scaffolding knowledge

by:Shizhan     2020-09-19
1. Mobile scaffolding
Disadvantages: (1) The fastener (especially its screw) is easily lost; (2) The rods at the nodes are eccentrically connected, which transfers load and internal force by anti-sliding force, thus reducing its bearing capacity; (3) Fasteners The connection quality of the node is obviously affected by the quality of the fastener itself and the manipulation of the workers.
Strengths: (1) Multi-function: According to detailed construction requirements, single and double-row scaffolds, support frames, support columns, material promotion frames, climbing scaffolds, cantilever frames, etc. can be composed of different frame sizes, shapes and carrying capacities. Functional construction equipment. It can also be used to build construction sheds, material sheds, lighthouses and other structures.
2. Bowl buckle steel pipe scaffold
   Adaptability: (1) Constructing stereotyped scaffolding; (2) Constructing support frame for beam and slab frame (to bear vertical load); (3) Constructing mobile workbench;
Disadvantages: (1) There is no flexibility in the size of the frame. Any change in the frame size must be replaced with another model of the door frame and its accessories; (2) The cross support is easy to break at the middle hinge point; (3) The shaped foot The prototype is heavier; (4) The price is more expensive;
   Strengths: (1) The geometric dimensions of portal steel scaffolding are standardized. (2) The structure is fair, the force-bearing function is good, the strength of steel is fully utilized, and the bearing capacity is high. (3) Easy assembly and disassembly during construction, high erection efficiency, labor-saving, time-saving, safe, reliable, and economical.
3. Portal steel scaffolding
Adaptability: (1) Construct various forms of scaffolding, formwork and other supporting frames; (2) Assemble tic-tac-toe frames; (3) Set up ramps, sheds, stands and other temporary structures; (4) Use as other kinds of scaffolds Auxiliary, strengthen the rod.
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