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Scaffolding knowledge

by:Shizhan     2020-09-03

Cantilever scaffold through the shear wall post-processing cantilever scaffold through the shear wall, the cantilever steel how to deal with? Truncated? Because I see here the construction of shear wall with a row of holes is a little scary oh shear wall leave a hole should be after the units to design can be reserved. If design agreed, you should provide specific construction requirements, as long as the construction is ok according to design requirements. The conventional treatment scheme is, appropriate USES high strength mortar filling processing, its concrete must be compact. Then according to the requirements of the decoration construction process is completed. Ask casting scaffolding and laying the scaffold is a what kind of? Is one thing, just use different USES. About the steel pipe scaffold, a calculation scheme of our specification and a lot of, for the calculation of steel tube scaffold, are generally based on wall thickness 3. 5 of the steel tube, but you known, now on the market where there are a few steel pipe is 3. 5 the thick, can have 3. 0 is good, especially 2. 7, 2. 8 wall thickness. So our calculation, if it is according to the actual situation, the result of calculation, the spacing is generally small, such as full frame, its vertical and horizontal spacing is small, the implementation of the feasibility of how to explore the scaffolding especially want to talk to you of formwork technology and how to deal with at the scene. How many meters closed a layer of high-rise building external scaffold. , the current main body caps, structure level 92 m, preparing for civilization construction. Excuse me, how many m to do a scaffold outside the closed layer? Specification is very clear, no more than 10 m, this is AnQuanPing network protection distance. Secondary beam is much higher than the girder, the upper longitudinal reinforcement can bend down into the main girder, beam by hinged to consider. High gauge 13. 5. 5, segment erection of scaffolding, an altitude of no more than 20 m each dismantled scaffold need tower crane to see structures, the types of scaffolding some do not need, some needs, such as button scaffolding don't need to.                                

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