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by:Shizhan     2020-09-03
Scaffolding leasing 184 - 2015 - 0310 button scaffolding, fastener scaffold ( Row ShanJia) , aluminum alloy scaffolding. Scaffolding is hard goods, construction industry must be used, need to use most of the time there will be a short-term project, so there are scaffolding rental of this industry. 184 - 2015 - The quantity of 0310 scaffolding leasing by leasing materials ( According to tons, according to the meters, according to a) Multiplied by the rental unit price multiplied by the rent days again. Button scaffold has become more and more popular, many used to make steel tube scaffold leasing companies in transition plate leasing, button scaffolding is the future trend, many companies are to buy button scaffolding for hoarding. Panel button scaffolding advantage no longer say more, why did you choose button scaffolding? On security, short time limit, good image three key elements, another common fastener scaffold troublesome and unsafe is gradually withdraw from the market. Button scaffolding currently leasing fees several times higher than the steel tube and why construction units will use? Because of the stud is Q345, and wall thickness standard 3. 2 mm, bearing capacity is large enough, at the same time with forms of diagonal member formed triangle lattice steel, although the price a little expensive, but life is longer than ordinary scaffolding, convenient and high efficiency, buy used back in a few years this, or a large project can back this, efficiency is the 7 common fasteners Eight times. Scaffolding leasing and scaffolding buy which cost-effective to know which cost-effective, the first thing to determine your location. Have a project for a long time, buy the most cost-effective, short-term projects, leasing deals. But depends on the time limit for a project time, some project construction period is very long, so, of course, is to buy bargain. General purchase scaffolding can back to this in a few years. Lease are mostly small construction companies because of funding problems will choose. As of November 2019, steel prices have been on the 5000 yuan/ton, and every day a price. 100 tons of steel tube scaffold can be done about multi-storey building more than 10000 square project. If do high, can do 1. 2 to 1. About 5 square project. Scaffolding leasing 18420150310 dosage of inventory can be reference for engineering procurement and their liquidity do contrast. Scaffolding leasing 184 - 2015 - 0310 do know, scaffolding rental scaffolding rental price situation, because in recent years, the construction market is shrinking, at the same time, new technology, new product appear constantly, caused the decline of the scaffolding rental occupancy, coupled with the adjustment of the market, making scaffolding rental prices and profits present a precipice type drop in nearly three years. So the scaffolding leasing company is generally a high-volume, low-margin business. Welcome to the advisory 184 - 2015 - 0310 lease scaffold
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