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Scaffolding leasing advantage in where? - Industry dynamic - - aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturer Focus - aerial work platform Jiangsu shizhan Ann

by:Shizhan     2020-09-03
Scaffolding leasing advantage in where? Scaffolding rental prices for the scaffold of the original purchase price are high, or the temporary lease scaffolding company funds have problems, lease price won't have too big decline, on the contrary, if a new purchase, first of all, the price is low, the other products are steel products, the salvage value is very high. If the company often use scaffolding, purchase way is recommended. Because after purchase use for a long time, will soon be able to back to this. Q: shenzhen scaffold where can lease? A: fuyong in shenzhen subway station exports - A Fortuna's teleport, with a company called tengda inside can lease scaffold. Hint: if you have any questions on shenzhen scaffolding leasing situation, please don't bid on a lot of consulting, our customer service staff will be warm, with all the questions for you! Shenzhen scaffolding leasing remind acceptance to based on design and related regulations, the main content of acceptance are: ( 1) Scaffold materials, components, such as whether to conform to the requirements of the design and specification. ( 2) Arrangement of scaffolding, stud, cross bar, bridging, brace, spacing, poling verticality deviation such as whether to meet the design, specification requirements. ( 3) Each bar lap and fixed part is rigid structure, whether meet the requirements of safe and reliable. ( 4) Large scaffolding of lightning protection and grounding device such as a safety protection, insurance is valid. ( 5) The fundamental processing of scaffolding, embedding is correct and safe and reliable. ( 6) Safety protection facilities is in line with the requirements. Shenzhen scaffolding released by the national republic of China ministry of construction: JG13 - 99 specification production. Lease scaffold has many branches, aluminum alloy scaffolding, scaffold, fastener scaffold, gantry scaffolding, etc. , can be sold for rent. Shenzhen mobile scaffolding leasing prompt acceptance should be performed according to the design and relevant regulation. Acceptance of the main content is as follows: 1 】 Scaffold materials and components are conformed to the design and specification requirements, according to the actual working condition to lease. 【 2 】 Scaffolding, vertical rod, bar, scissors, support, brace, spacing and column verticality deviation whether meet the requirements of site design and specification. Place can use the unit width narrow, broad wide with double scaffold. 【 3 】 Each member connected to the structure of fixed part is rigid, whether meet the requirements of reliable safety. 【 4 】 Large lightning protection and grounding safety protection of the scaffold, as well as the safety device is valid. 【 5 】 Support of foundation treatment, no matter whether it is positive, is real, safe and reliable. 【 6 】 And check the material, have to cut corners, such as thickness, parts have rust, whole scaffold has done maintenance. Lease scaffold, depends on the qualifications of the leasing company, scaffolding, product quality and after-sales service. For requirements of scaffolding, package transportation, providing building solutions, and professional manufacturing team, scaffolding leasing should have complete leasing contract, include daily rent price, return cycle, exceed the time limit prices, damage, and the accident responsibility. Weather may affect the construction period, so the lease time to relax a little, or within the time limit, the price will most likely be more expensive. And when the lease should choose good quality scaffolding, ZuLinZhan has a lot of no maintenance scaffolding will have rust or deformation, to look after. 1, the current from the form, mobile scaffolding industry there are many poor quality of goods, low technology content, producing device are imperfect, the low factor of safety problems such as fruit, unlicensed unlicensed small workshops. Therefore, to improve product quality and technological content, improve production equipment, improve safety coefficient, cancellation without producing qualified small factory, the small mill produced was the mobile scaffolding industries face the primary problem is also one of its trend. Shenzhen scaffolding leasing. 2, shenzhen scaffolding rental aspects of the development trend. At that time the national scale within the mobile scaffolding rental price difference is bigger, floating is bigger, the problem will be a manipulation of the relevant departments, the competent department will the legitimacy and rationality of strict supervision and scaffolding rental company, business licenses, permits and other associated documents.
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